Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 14: Excuse Gia, She's Shameless

81 to 76.

I have to admit it was a close game but we won!

Even now, the crowd is tumbling out of the stands, the remaining team is fleeing from the sidelines, and the cheer squad is surrounding the hoard of people. Surprisingly, Gia, Von and I are fighting our way through the crowd to get to the players.

Trey finds me almost in seconds scooping me up from the floor. The sweaty gesture takes me by surprise, so much so a hysterical laugh explodes from my chest. He puts me down then looks at Von.

She runs towards him, wrapping her tiny arms around his neck.

Awwe! They really do make the sweetest couple.

“Saphyre!” A voice says ahead of me, I look up to see Xander staring in my direction. He weaves through the mass of students wanting his attention to take me in his arms, “I really didn’t think you would come.”

This embrace, it feels warm, I can even hear his heart in his chest sticking to his damp jersey, “I didn’t think you’d win.”

He laughs then backs away, “You look so much better when you’re happy,” He tucks a strand behind my ear, “Why don’t you try keeping this smile for me?”

For him?

I shudder, and look away, “Don’t flatter yourself, Fergusson.”

He laughs again then releases me.

It seems the crowd is dying down. I didn’t even notice. Being in his arms seemed to make the whole world around us go silent.

“Hey, the coach reserved the team a table at the Hibachi tonight, you and Gia should come.” Xander offers grabbing my right hand, I look behind me to see Gia and Von chuckling at us.

And I don’t think they are the only ones watching us. I can practically feel other eyes on me. I release his hand, slowly stepping away.

“I’ll meet you there.” I say waving him away.

He smiles and jogs towards his other team members. I walk towards Gia and Von, gosh, do they look funny standing by each other.

Like two miniature giddy girls who can’t hold themselves together.

Gia joins my side, as does Von. “So Kevin picked me up, you know, like straight off the ground!” She screams in excitement and Von joins her, “That’s like first base to breaching beyond the friend zone, am I right, or am I right?” Von points at Gia in agreement.

“Trey kissed me.” She almost whispers as we exit the gymnasium. The hallways is still crowded with players and a few members of the audience.

“Awweee, how adorable.” I say swinging Von’s hand in mine.

She yanks it away shyly, placing both hands on her rosy cheeks. “Stop it, I’m not some child.”
“You’re as cute as one, that’s for sure.” Gia says.

I can concur, “Xander wants us to meet the team at the Hibachi tonight,” I face Von opening the vestibule doors for the three of us, “Are you game?”

She sighs, “I wish I could but I promised my parents that I’d be home by ten to finish practicing for my photo shoot on Saturday.”

Gia and I breathe simultaneously, “So you are a model!”

Von looks at us both with melancholic eyes, “Not by choice, no, but I told my sister that I would give it a try, in hopes to help our bond grow stronger, she’s a very mainstream model.”

Gia smirks, “Like a Gigi and Bella Hadid sort of thing.”

Von and I laugh. “Yeah, I guess you can say that, with a little less Gigi.” She stops, which means soon we have to part ways, “but at least I have you guy’s numbers now, m-maybe we can get together sometime.”

To have such a famous family, this girl sure is timid.

I figure that’s the reason why Haley hates her. Veronica is humble, and very unable to even make an attempt at being bitchy. Gia and I traded numbers with Von during halftime for the sake of things.

She’s a lonely girl who just needs a friend that will see her for who she is and not just for her fortune. If Haley never said anything about her being rich, I never would have known that she was.

The strange coincidence is that she lives with her sister in the same neighborhood as Gia and I. Much like me though, she doesn’t fancy it as much as she would a more suburban area.

Tonight was fun, I solemnly admit.

But to watch Gia’s face when Von’s Rolls-Royce Phantom started was even better.

“That is so wicked, how-” Gia paces around the car, catching other eyes in the parking lot.
Von laughs opening the backdoor to place her purse in. To be honest I’m very much taken aback as well. What is a high school girl doing with a car with this much value?

A luxury car....

I might as well throw my entire Cadillac away.

“The back doors took a while to get used to but,” Gia shuts the door with what seems a simple poke to the handle, “Of course, that wasn’t too hard to manage.” It isn’t until now that I recognize.

Her accent.

Von is French.

And in between sitting with her for 2 hours I never even noticed.

"There’s fucking stars on her roof!” Gia says from inside the backseat, Von rolls her doe eyes at me, happily taking in her excitement from the driver’s seat, “I feel like I’m sitting on a couch, like I would never wake up if I fell asleep in here!”

I knock on the car, “Gia be careful with the floor that looks a little too luxurious for your wet feet.”

“Oh shit,” Gia hops out of the back seat in haste, “Can I press this handle button thing-a-ma-bob here?”

Von cranes her neck back, “Go ahead, love.”

"H’Oh my God...” Gia sighs as she presses the button.

Von looks back at me, the car is so quiet I can hardly hear the engine, “You guys can take a ride with me anytime, even better, I’ll let you drive.”

I take Gia’s hand like a mother would her child, “Thanks Von, we’d love that-”

“I will gladly take you up on that offer with good grace, of course, how about tomo-”
Sigh, finally.

I keep my hand placed over her muffled mouth. Gia just doesn’t know when to put a sock in it. My fingers raise up to Von and I mouth to her that I’ll call her while pulling Gia in the direction of my car.

Von laughs very audibly, closes her door and makes her way out of the parking lot. It seems her car was the main attraction the entire time we were having the conversation. The people lined up on the sidewalk are still staring. I release Gia with a light shove.

She pants then falls in step with me, “Haley is wrong about everything she ever said about anyone!” Gia is practically marching towards the car.

“Does that mean you’re going to finally dump the Bitch Posse?” I unlock the car and slip into the driver’s seat. It takes Gia a second, she’s still looking at Von drive away in her car.

She scoffs, “No, not entirely,” She shuts herself into the passenger seat and throws our purses to the back, “They provide me with some pretty good intel-”

“About Kevin?”

“No, killjoy, everyone in general.” Gia’s voice fades, which means she’s lying. I give her a suspecting look, “Okay, okay yes, jeezus, you don’t have to always know everything, besides I need Haley for other purposes, but for your sake I will start keeping my distance.”

I roll my eyes and follow the coordinates to the Hibachi, “I’m not asking you to ditch them, I just don’t want Haley to make you one of her minions.”

Gia laughs obnoxiously, “There is no way I would ever be apart of that bitches shit show, she isn’t that far into my life.” She pauses, “In all honesty, Saph, you are the only person I consider to be a real friend.”

I tilt my head in her direction, “What about Von?”

Gia smacks her lips, “See, that’s unfair because now I feel attacked,” I laugh turning onto a 4 way, “You are making me choose between you and a future top model and you know that my greatest weakness is, in fact, fashion.”

“A materialistic friendship is never hard to come by, I’m sure you will choose wisely.”

Gia smacks my arm, it stings a little too, but I still laugh, “You know I would rather die then wake up the next day to know that you are not my best friend.”

I face her, “That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?”

“Oh you haven’t seen dramatic yet, sister, you just keep pushing my fidelity buttons and you just may find your way.”

Such a witty girl. “So what if you woke up the next morning and found out Kevin was your-”


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