Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 18: Time To Think

“Saphyre, can you hear me?”

I jolt out of my haze, Gia’s flour powdered hands are on my shoulder, “I’m sorry, if you said anything I didn’t hear a single word.”

Gia nods then motions us to sit at the counter. She removes her apron and stares directly at me,

“Xander wasn’t too happy when he came home,” She almost whispers, “In fact, he told me that it was probably best that he didn’t speak to you in the first place about As-”

I hold my hand up to her, “Please, spare me the memory,” I sigh heavily placing my elbows on the counter, “I shouldn’t have talked to him at all, everything about Xander and I could never work.” “Whatever bond we may have had it’s history.”

“Don’t speak those horrible statements into the universe, you two care too much that’s all.” Gia places a hand on my knee, “You are both extremely emotional, and yes this may feel like a tidal wave crashing down on you guys but it’s just the beginning of something beautiful.”

I sigh, “And what if it isn’t?” I clench my fist to my mouth, “Then what?”

“Then you let it turn ugly, so that maybe you can see just how beautiful it can be.” Gia places a hand on my shoulder turning me towards her, “But if it isn’t in your gut to feel anything for him, then follow your sixth sense, at least that’s what I always do.”

She looks towards the family room. At an angle, we can see the guys in front of the TV with their controllers in their hands, completely concentrated on the task at hand.


I look away from the room and check my phone, “What do I do, Gia?” She faces me, “this guy, the creep, he’s been haunting me all day, I can’t seem to shake the thought of him away.”

“Maybe because you are supposed to see him in a few hours, anticipation is literally desert for anxiety.” Gia says, “Come on, we should relax, we’ve been cooking all day and my feet kind of hurt.”

I smile as Gia pulls me up, “As always, you’re right.”

We wash our hands and run up the steps for a change of clothes. The smell of food is a little to fervent against our clothes. Gia rummages through my drawer in hopes to find something that’s suitable to be in Kevin’s company. She isn’t modest. Yet, whenever she spends time with the guys, she tries to stay as covered as possible.

“I like this top, can I have it?” Gia says showing me this laced up pink sleeve sweater. I didn’t even know I had this shirt.

“Sure, you owe me though.” I answer pulling my burgundy cold shoulder PINK shirt on. She puts it on giddily.

This girl and her fashion. I can’t name anything I’m passionate about, where as Gia, she can name off any brand you place before her plus the materials.

In my opinion, it’s a true gift. We both slip on sweatpants, mine black and hers white. The snacks are already placed before the boys and they have devoured half of it by the time we make it down the steps.

“Wow you pigs, you ate damn near everything we made!” Gia grunts storming into the room.

The boys groan for her to shut up as Gia takes a seat beside Kevin. He smiles wrapping an arm around her then takes a hold of the controller. I pick a spot on the floor in front of Trey and behind the snack mix bowl.

“Where’d mom go?” Trey asks above my head

I squeeze his legs around my arms, “She’s feeding Avaline in Johns office, she said she needed to spend some time with the both of them.” I say recalling back to the very brief conversation Mãe and Gia had in the kitchen.

I was too busy having a conversation with myself to even make two words together to anyone else. Still, I am debating on whether I should wear a dress or a regular top and jeans to the Northcott.

I did some research last night and it wasn’t too bad of a place, so says the pictures. It isn’t a place I would dress casually for but I don’t want to have to feel uncomfortable in case I have to run away on foot from this guy. So therefore heels are out of the question. But pumps I can handle

“Clay, you have one more time to foul me!” Kevin yells, Maxum and Trey laugh at his outburst.

Clayton smacks his lips, “Bro, quit being a bitch, my player didn’t even touch yours.”

“That’s not what the dashboard says.” Trey says pointing his hand towards the TV. Boys and their games, don’t they know it’s just a game?

Clay makes a huff and ignores the boys.


Maybe if I just relax for a change then I can finally gather my thoughts. I mentally need to be prepared for what’s to come. That guy is no newbie or novice. He’s in and out of areas faster than I can blink and I have this uncanny feeling that he can read minds...

Wait. Okay that stuff isn’t real. That’s superstition, Fire, gather yourself!

If I present myself maturely before him, maybe he will recognize that I’m not to be toyed with. I’m certainly not dangerous, in fact, I am scared beyond belief. The fact that I couldn’t see his face throws me off the most.

When my gun touched the flesh of his face it relieved me somewhat. If I hadn’t done that, I honestly wouldn’t have known if he had a face or not.

Which is the strangest thing to think, right next to the whole ‘mind-reading’ thing. I sure do wish I could take Gia with me. My stomach doesn’t feel good at all and I know it isn’t because of the snacks. I’m overheating like I was in the car with Xander as well and I may need to change into some shorts. That just doesn’t seem appropriate to wear around these guys.

My feet move for me, taking me out of the family room.

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