Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 22: Not Leon

A voice sounds from behind me causing me to squeal in surprise. I turn around to see a man standing right behind me dressed in all black. He buttons his cuffs then looks towards me. His face is like one I have never seen. The size of this man is beyond belief. A full beard and very well kept mustache to compliment his wide jawline. Why am I so captivated by this brown eyed, rich toned beauty?

No, Saphyre, we did not come here for this we came here to get into the bar!

"None that is of your concern.” I smirk at him.

He looks from the door keeper to me, “Are you sure about that, Saphyre?”

My heart drops to the speck of gravel under my heels.

It can’t be ...this can’t be the man...

“Ahh, Leon, how are you this evening?” The doorkeeper asks, I turn to him in anger.

He welcomes this guy with open arms but I’m almost tossed to the waste side?


“Wonderful, I have a reservation this evening with my lovely friend here.” Leons hand lays on the small of my coat. I instantly shiver at the gesture. I am grateful the leather is blocking direct contact or else I would probably shoot him right now for making himself comfortable once again.

He knows what this is doing to me.

“Of course,” The man steps aside extending his arm to motion us to enter the bar.

It smells of alcohol and baked yeast. The vibe is warm, classical music playing through the speakers and light chatter heard throughout the entire room. This space is very compressed but somehow I don’t feel so crowded. Lights are all but bright, it’s a soft brown glow given to refresh the vibe and give people a full experience of what it’s like to be at a high end underground speakeasy.

Then I remember why.

Instinctively I swat the man’s hand from my back, “Who do you think you are?”

He chuckles low, “You’ll find out soon enough, sweetheart.”

I shiver again, he is so close.

I was sure to bring my thigh holster along with me in case anything went left. I’m no spy or professional killer but I do plan on going home tonight. And if this guy pulls a fast one, I will be forced to pull my trigger much faster.

He shakes hands with the waiter that, soon, leads us to a circular table surrounded by 4 cushion chairs; two black and two brown.

Leon extends a hand, motioning me to be seated in the chair in front of him. Instead I circle around the table and grab my own seat.

This amuses him furthermore.

It’s pissing me off, though.

“Two orders of Caught in the Rain?” The waiter asks Leon.

Shit, I’m underage, “Uh, excuse me I-I don’t drink-”

“Yes, that’s perfect,” Leon remarks dismissing the waiter. The man bows away without another look back.

I unbutton my coat, “You know I am underage right,” I slip my bare arms from the sleeves, “Even if I was of age, I don’t like alcohol.”

Leon cocks his head at me, examining me, “This is a speakeasy, you don’t ask to meet at such a place without at least taking a sip.”

“I would not intoxicate myself around the likes of you.” The air is smacking my cleavage with a violent rush, but I must maintain my image.

An image of a woman who demands answers. I cannot in any way shape or form, show that I feel uncomfortable.

I lean forward, “Since I arranged this meeting I’ll start, first of all I don’t believe for a second that your name is Leon, I am not so easily swayed by stage names. Another thing, how do you know me and what makes you think you can fool me into thinking we have met before?”

I still am so surprised that this is the face that was hidden behind the hood. It seems unreal, because like the time he was standing outside of my house, there are no dreads hanging from his head. He’s actually well shaven, his hair sitting high enough to brush, but definitely not dread.

The waiter approaches the table without questioning either of us about showing any ID before placing the drinks before us. He nods then walks away. I won’t lie the smell of coconut, sugar and fermented pineapple is quite tempting.

But I’ll be goddamned...

“First things first,” Leon says “You are smarter than you let on, my name is Ezra, Ezra Legion. Instead of revealing my real name to the general public I go by the name Leon for, well, legal purposes.” He takes a sip of his drink and then continues, “Wow, that’s good, okay anyway, here is the deal Saphyre, I hate to break it to you and hurt your little heart but, yes, we have met before, though fragments of your memories were compromised by a very unfortunate and quite deadly situation.”


I formulate his words in my head. Mae told me that I was unconscious for days because of that accident. An accident that I am not even sure of. I have no memories at all whatsoever from that night or day or whenever it happened.

“What are you talking about?” I ask

He raises an eyebrow at me, “The accident,” He lifted his drink to his dark lips, “You don’t remember, so - ”

“Of course I don’t, you just clarified that.” I push my beverage to him, “Here you can have this.”

Ezra pushes the drink back to me, “Drink it.”

Stubborn as all hell, I push it back towards him, “I told you there is no way-”

He leans forward, “Do you want me to help you access your memories or are you just going to take the elixir?”

Elixir?, “I am not-”

Then a sudden flash goes around the room. Everything is white, it’s so hard to see anything...My chair.

It’s gone, and if anyone else were here they would probably think I was levitating.

But what is here?

Where the hell am I?

Something echoes in the distance, like the sound of footsteps, “Ezra!” I yell into the brightness of the room.

Hands close in on me, “I never thought the day would come where you would be screaming my name.”

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