Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 23: Ezra

I scowl up at him, “You can’t get inside of-”

“There are a lot of ways I can do a lot of things, Saphyre, but sadly, we are not here to discuss my abilities,” He steps closer and I, unmoving, stand my ground, “You had a friend in your life, the two of you were inseparable since the day you met.”

As he speaks the muscles in my body begin to sink into the chair that isn’t seen, but exists. Ropes begin snaking themselves around my entire body.


“Yes.” He sighs, “A lovely bond between you two blossomed faster than it should have and you grew so close that when you found yourselves together, nothing else was more important than that moment.”

Like a slap in the face a memory paints it self like a canvas throughout the white room. Aster...


His face is right there, smiling at me! I am ... I was... I remember this day!

My chest convulses, ”Aster! Aster talk to me, I’m right here!”

Ezra steps in front of the visual of Asters brown eyes, “I am afraid that it is just a memory, Saphyre, that you are only reliving a moment,” He tips his head at me, “Similar to a dream.”

I attempt to yank myself from the ropes but they are damn strong and my body is going numb from the poor blood circulation, “What the fuck do you know?” I look around me, “Where is he? What do you even have to gain from this?”

He swipes his hand across the room, wiping away the panorama of Aster.

Ezra stands over me, making my body sweat with fear.

How can someone be so intimidating?

I have never been a fearful damsel in distress but he makes me feel something close to it. With all his tricks ...Ezra is definitely not normal.

But he is a threat. He knows where Aster is, I’m sure of it.

I breathe.

He tips my chin up to him so I’m forced to stare into his menacing eyes, “Did you love him?”

I blink and swallow. What if I answer this wrong?

To hell with that thought, why is it any of his business, “What’s it to you?”

Ezra’s face inches closer to me, one wrong movement of his head and we could be.... Oh what a terrible thought!

“Saphyre, I am far beyond agitated with your redundant noncompliance.” He caresses his forefinger on my chin, and it sends an unfamiliar chill throughout my body, “I don’t take to kindly to disobedience, sweetheart, now with your cooperation we can gain an understanding, but with confrontation, well, comes the inevitable.”

I whimper as he stiffens my chin towards him, “What do you want from me?” Tears...of all things I am on the brink of crying before this beast.

He smiles, “That’s better,” He pushes my face away violently.

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