Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 25: And I'm in Trouble, Great.

I snap my head up. What the hell-

Back in the bar?

I feel around my neck, turning my head swiftly from left to right.

“Ezra?” I call out.

Son of a bitch disappeared again!

How do I keep letting this happen?

His seat. It’s as if he never sat down.

His cup is gone yet mine is still very full with lukewarm, potent smelling cocktail still untouched. Immediately, I make my way outside running out of the entryway to search the sidewalk.

In the corner of my eye I can see it a tall figure. Could it be...

“Ez-Leon!” I call out his fake name, hoping to respect the fact that no one else knows it but me.

It stops in its tracks.

Yes it is him!

I attempt to button my coat and run at once but with no luck.

“Look I just want to see him again, I need to know that-that he is okay,” I can’t believe I’m pleading to a man who just choked me, “I’ll do- I will do anything to ensure his safety, it’s my fault he’s gone anyway.”

His shoulders hunch but he doesn’t turn to face me, “If only you were pleading out of sincerity and not disparity, then maybe I’d consider you right away.”

My heart drops, okay I had that one coming.

He’s right after all.

I don’t know the first thing about saving an Angel from the depths of hell or what it takes to get there. They don’t teach this sort of thing in school.

Ezra turns, and pierces me with his brown, soft eyes, his hands extend, “I will give you three days to give it some thought, sacrificing yourself, your life, and everything you love for another one’s soul is a tough decision to make,” he begins buttoning my coat for me. This guy is odd, "I have placed my contact information into your phone. You will let me know what you decide and from there we will discuss further details.”
He drops his hands after tucking a stray hair behind my ear, “This is a life or death situation, sweetheart.”

He turns away, “If you don’t come with me, you may find the next candidate less understanding.”

This time he disappears right in front of me. Leaving me on the sidewalk in the middle of my lonesome.

Sigh, just when I thought my life was looking up...

My mind is still wrapping itself around it all.

What do I even tell Gia?

That I met the creep again who happens to be an Angel that claims I have to be a sacrifice?

Better yet, that I have a warrant for my arrest in the Underworld?

The entire fiasco is mind-wrenching.

Do I all of a sudden care that much about myself that I’m second guessing saving Aster from imminent danger?

I mean, I’m in fairly good hands if I make an attempt to save him. Large, safe, soft hands...

Wrong thought to think at such a time, Fire!

I open the door to my car.

A book?


My picture book I was looking through in my room!

So Ezra did take it...

I clutch it to me looking around myself.

God, I feel like I’m being haunted.

A note slips from the brown pages onto the snowy sidewalk.

Note: You know where to find me - E

Below this is an address.

Huh, I wonder where this leads to, it certainly isn’t a home address.

I breathe in deep stuffing into my pocket and sinking into myself with my head laid against the roof of my car.

Deus, what have I gotten myself into?


Sunday: 9 pm (2 More Days Left to Choose)

I did not text Gia, although she’s been blowing my phone up.

I denied Trey, Mae and Theo entrance to my room today.

My body is full of fear so I have not eaten which says a fucking lot about what I’m going through.

Homework is left partially done.

Studying is put off. I haven’t even had a chance to change out of this tight ass dress.

Not one thing could deter my thoughts from the strange hour long encounter I had with Ezra last night.

As pissy as he was, he was also desperate. Also scared and quite fed up with me altogether.

But he needed me.

I saw that in his face, in those menacing eyes of his.

A mere human, being needed by an Angel.

And here I always thought it was the other way around.

It’s so dark out. By the sounds of it, everyone left to go out to dinner with John’s friends.

I remember when I could feel just as worry-free. My thoughts are still jumbling around the many excuses I’m going to have to come up with to explain my disappearance to everyone.

Disappearance, what am I even thinking?!

Why should I believe Ezra in the first place?

My breath reeks of overnight stress. I pick up my toothbrush and stomp to my bathroom.

He’s not the type to just trust with your life. This whole thing could just be a trap.

Maybe some human trafficking rig for naive, short, incompetent girls. I mean, that filthy industry is getting pretty bad these days.

....Nah, he would have taken that chance ten times over last night. I scrub my teeth hoping to heal a bit of stress.

God, I look terrible.

My hair is an unnecessary mess and my dress is exposing way too much flesh. The V in this thing is so deep, it’s ridiculous. That could be the reason Ezra couldn’t stop touching me....

Are you for real, Fire?” I yell through toothpaste. I spit it out into the sink, rinse my mouth and my toothbrush and go again.

He said the worst could come if I didn’t just go with him. I sure don’t see how if I’m being sacrificed either way.


Holy fuck!

Is that my window?

I spit my toothpaste out, tossing my toothbrush into the waste bin.

Good thing I kept my thigh holster on me.

I could be helpless if not for it.

I sure do hope whatever Ezra said about the worse coming to pass doesn’t show face sooner than I anticipated. I creep out of the bathroom, extracting my gun from my thigh.


My eyes squeeze tightly together as my heart races.

I point the gun ahead of me, gripping it protectively as I peak over the metal, ready to shoot on command.

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