Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 27: The Hottest Tea

Monday 12:45 Pm

Naturally, I spilled all the tea to Von and Gia this morning and like me, they thought the entire Angel bit was a big joke. But I mean considering the practicalities and the fact that he looks just like a regular man, who wouldn’t.

They don’t quite agree with the sacrificing thing either.

The way their jaws went slack and how their faces scrunched said it all before they could even speak.

That was not the answer I was aiming for.

I need someone to convince me to do this. Some damn peer pressure! If I go in this thing half-heartedly I may as well commit suicide.

I don’t know how I’ll ever explain this to Mae or Trey...

Or Xan..

Ugh, I can’t even think of his name the same anymore.

Every time I attempt to, this funny feeling crawls it’s way throughout my body. And of all expressions, it makes me smile. Yet, I’ve been avoiding him all day. For some reason I can’t make myself look in his direction much less talk to him. After I fell asleep last night, he found a way to sneak back out of my house. Perhaps, the same way he came. I wouldn’t know but I woke up alone.

Like it was all a dream.

But that was entirely too real to be a dream.


I jolt from my day dream and look up from my untouched sandwich, “Yeah?”

Von and Gia look at me with strange smirks, ever since the game it’s as if we have become this brand new trio of best friends. To be honest, it finally makes me feel complete. Satisfied. Like having Kaisha back, but not entirely the same.

“Mind telling us why you just went beet red, you don’t have to worry about Xander showing up, you know, he took the guys out for lunch.” Von says sipping on a delicious looking cappuccino.

Gia nods to her, “Yeah he’s been in a strangely good mood today for some reason.”

I lower my eyes back to my sandwich.

Some reason is damn right. I can’t even eat.

My stomach just will not have it today. Between everything that transpired with Ezra and I and the intense make-out session I had with Xander, I think I’m going to lose it. And fast. These gut wrenching events are happening way too close to each other.

“I-I’m fine.” I answer, taking - well, forcing a bite into my sandwich. It’s going to take ages to chew this. I shouldn’t have taken such a big bite. As long as I don’t have to speak, I’m just fine.

Von and Gia give each other mischievous looks and then both laugh.

“Uh uh, I’m not buying it,” She says in between chuckles, she shifts and then places an arm on Von’s shoulder.

Oh hell, I forgot my eyes speak when I don’t.

“Buying what?” I cover a hand over my full mouth.

Gia smiles evilly at Von, who sips her drink suspiciously over eyeing Gia.

Von then turns to me, “You hiding something, chica, I can see it in your jaw.”

“I haven’t seen you this red since we played spin-the-bottle and you and Aster had to go to the closet.” Gia teases and this almost makes Von spit out her drink.

They are no help. Why, of all memories, would she bring that up?

Honestly, I almost forgot about that crazy game we played as kids. We saw it on TV one time and thought, hey, that looks bad, let’s do it! As you might expect, some weird things transpired that night.

I can feel the memory deep in my mind, but I don’t recall it transparently. I finally swallow my food, which took much effort.

I think I’m done eating.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask stuffing my not even half eaten sandwich back in the bag it came in. I’ll eat it later when I’m not so tied up on the inside. Or I’ll just give it to Trey.

“See, I’m not dumb, I’m pretty good at puzzles too,” Gia folds her hands, detective style. This is the position she assumes when she’s about to decode the secrets in my own mind. To this day, I don’t know how she does it so effortlessly. I sincerely hope Von is enjoying everything that is unfolding right now, “For some reason, my brother and your crush, woke up with the most radiant smile, with a quickness in his steps,” Von laughs at her sarcasm, “He even did a lap around the block and he only does that on game days.”

Von is still laughing but I am finding none of this funny. In fact, I’m embarrassed beyond belief

“So?” I answer.

Gia taps her manicured fingers on the lunch room table, “And you are usually a headphone, dress down and not up freak, but today, there’s not an earphone in sight-”

“It’s called having a sense of self awareness.” I interrupt

“-you avoided Xanny all day, your cheeks were on fire not just 2 minutes ago and your boobs are pushing out of that super cute shoulder shirt.” Gia finishes. Von pounds Gia’s fist for her successful observation.

I look around then down at my burgundy shirt. Damn, that is a ton of cleavage.

I lift up the V, then wipe my sweaty hands on my black ripped jeans. Gia, is sadly, way smarter than she lets on, “What’s your point?”

The sound of Von sucking in the last bit of Frappe fills the silence, “Yeah Gia, what’s your point?”

She is so messy.

It kind of makes me smile to myself.

Gia’s pearly whites flash at the right corner of her mouth, “I think that while I was out with Kevin, and Trey was with Von, could it be that you were with my brother?”

My face runs hotter than a hot day in the Sahara desert.

Von sighs a little to loud for taste, with both hands over her red lips.

“Huh, I rest my case.” Gia gloats sipping at her Açaí Berry Smoothie.

I lower my head to the table, “Okay, guilty as charged.”

Gia chuckles in response, “So did he smite you with all his wonders?”

Von laughs so hard she almost makes me laugh. If it weren’t for my current position I most definitely would have.

Instead I glare up at Gia, “Not cool.”

“Did you really, like, do it?” Von asks leaning in.

Umm...okay, what?

Gia scoffs, “I mean, it’s about time you swiped your V-card, if you would have waited any longer it would have been void!”

Gia takes another viscous gulp.

Oh, they’ve got the wrong idea, ”No, no, no I am very much V-carded, but your brother may have almost reached that point.”

“How far?” They both ask. Then they begin jinxing each other and laughing like little kittens fidgeting over a single yarn ball.

These two...

“That’s a bit too much information, don’t you think?” I ask.

Gia almost answers until her eyes pass mine, “Well, I don’t know, ask him.”

Low murmurs crescendo themselves into the café. I crane my neck to sneak a peek behind me.


The starting five just made it back.

And we still have 20 minutes to the next bell?

God, I am going to crumble!

Why couldn’t they just eat where they were?

I fix my shirt, but it keeps on falling!

This wasn’t my original outfit. John actually soiled the shirt I had on with his coffee which forced me to not only change, but to take another shower so I wouldn’t go to school reeking of caffeine. So I was in a rush and was almost late to first period.

The guys decide to take it a step further today and sit at our table. Great, this is just what I needed.

Xander’s sweet fragrance jumps right off of his Blue Obey T-Shirt as he scoots in next to me. Kevin goes to Gia, kissing her briefly before handing her a bag of take out. Trey sits by Von, wrapping an arm around her giggling body. She’s smiling up at him like he’s the trophy she’s always wanted to win.


I almost jump, I cover my arms as the melodious ‘hey’ that fell from Xander’s lips, “Hi.”

He leans to the side, his leg well past brushing against mine, “So is this what we call the calm after the storm?”

Very funny, poet.

Trey, the twins and Kevin immediately begin talking about how Friday’s big win went with Vee and Gia. They seem to be picking up where they may have left off from a previous conversation. Not that I much care. Just as long as they are drowning Xander and I out. That is where my contentment lies.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.” I say fiddling with my fingers. I need to get a manicure.

“So we’re lying to each other now?”

I wish he would stop talking like that, all low and stuff, “No, I just don’t get what you mean by the calm and storm thing.” I somehow find courage to look into his brown eyes and instantly regret it. My eyes can only remember the way he looked at me last night.

He fiddles with the rips in my jeans, “You aren’t really good at avoiding me, you know that right.”

My cheeks burn and I instantly turn away, “I’m sorry I just needed a way to-to find my-”

Xander moves his face closer to mine. My heart stops.

As he leans to my ear and says, “Follow me.”

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