Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 30: To Choose

Of course, I wasn’t expecting a question like that. Not so abruptly, at least. I mean we have done some things these past couple days but merely out of lust. Nothing more than that.

I sigh, clearly speechless.

He starts his car with a push of a button. “That’s what I thought.”

“Wait Xandar-” My words are sharply cut off by the aggressive slam of his door. He looks angrily into his rear view mirror and reverses to turn out of the woods.


I didn’t get to properly say goodbye. Why did I speak that way? Hot tears well up in my throat as I watch the rear lights from his car quickly dissipate. Leaving me to the darkness alone.

“Oh.” A short coo comes from my mouth as I cover it with my scarf. If this is how it feels to be dumped, I don’t think I ever want to fall in love. The hurt is too much to bear all alone. I can actually feel my heart breaking. It backs me into the side of my car, causing me to hug my arms around myself. The sound of my cries are so terrible, but I unleash them, seeing that I am the only one left out here. My chest burns with the memory of what used to be. What could’ve been.

Then let it be ugly.

Gia’s advice echoes in my head like a terrible lullaby. I cry harder, realizing that not only did I just let Xander go, but everything and everyone I love. Including Gia.

“There, there.” A voice appears before me.

Against me. If it weren’t for my sobs, he probably would have seen me jump. I can feel soft material supported by a hard, large body cradling me. He smells like Earth and everything good mixed in with it.


I grip his coat. In desperation.

This was the hardest test to pass and I have hardly even started it. He holds me tighter in his strong arms, massaging the tensity out of the back of my head. Wet tears blanket around my face and soak into his clothes.

“I’ve got you now, sweetheart.” He whispers, but the tears don’t falter.

. . .

The ride to my house is quiet, and terrifying. Quite terrifying.

On emotional impulse, I allowed Ezra to take the wheel. He’s in a much better state than me. My mouth is still quivering and my head is laying soberly against the cold window. It doesn’t help the fact that Ezra refuses to turn on any music to drown out the silence. Maybe if he did it would distract me from the memories.

What. Am. I. Doing?

I actually agreed to go to a place like Hell to save a friend. Not a brother, a mom, a sister or even a dad. A friend.

“Quiet down over there.” Ezra says with a deep chuckle behind his words.

Great, I forgot he could read minds.

“I’m thinking because it’s none of your business.”

I can see his cheek raise slightly, “At least now I know you are still the same blatant girl I met before.”

My body slumps into the chair as I recline it. My eyes sting from after-tears and pure exhaustion. I glance at the control panel of the car.

9:15 pm

My family is probably wondering where the hell I am. Or maybe Xander told them. Even if he didn’t, it’s not like it’s going to matter in a day or so. I reach into the backseat and grab my picture book.

“How did you get into my house to take this the other night?” I ask flipping through the printed memories.

Ezra breathes, stopping behind traffic. It’s pretty heavy too. Which isn’t normal at this time of night.

“Are you really asking that after I just appeared in the woods in front of you with no means of transportation?” He continues, “Anyway, I teleported to your room, punched you in your temple and then the rest is history,” I give him a glare, “Which was quite simple, as you were very unaware of my presence.”

“You really punched me?” He could be playing around with me, in attempts to get a rise out of me, “Why didn’t I bruise then?”

Ezra cruises the car, trailing behind the long line of traffic, “I repaired the tissue before it could damage any further.” He’s explaining this as if what he does is just totally normal.

Well, that explains the headache I felt when mae finally decided to wake me up.

I let it go for the sake of my exhaustion, “So, that night that Aster and I got into the accident, did you heal me then?”

He’s quiet for a moment, turning into the left lane. “Asteroth actually healed you.”

My heart softens when his voice does. This entire journey is as hard for him as it is for me.

I place my hand on his rather large one that’s gripping the middle compartment. “We need a good plan, once we formulate one, we’ll save him Ezra, I know we can.”

He smirks, “Sweetheart, we have a plan, you just don’t know of it yet, but we must save him,” He looks over to me, “he will die if we don’t.”

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