Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 33: Just Disappear, Like Always

I almost risked it all and took a nice well-deserved, hot shower. Then I had to remember that my family doesn’t exactly know that I’m home and a feast of all things is traveling from below me to my nostrils.

If my senses serve me right, she has prepared Shepherd’s Pie, Honey Glazed Brussel Sprouts, Baked Turkey, Sweet Rolls and Yams.

Yes, I believe I can smell all of that.

Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t eaten a single full-course meal besides stress all day that my senses are freakishly heightened. Too bad there’s no such thing as take out when I’m practically running away.


I haven’t prepared a mental farewell speech or anythiing and they are down here just having a good ol’ time. Congregating with the NFL Channel on full blast. I can see them now, perched before the TV with food clutched on their laps like a bunch of mesmerized children watching a man perform a magic trick.

Aaaannnd touchdown for the Seahawks!

Cheers and congratulatory screams echo throughout the lower floor as I tighten my pony tail and loosen the pants against my legs. My butt is way too big for these things, I’ll have to invest in a bigger size next time. If there is a next time for casual shopping, anyways. My core squeezes in as I scan myself.

I kind of do look a little badass in this, minus my bloodshot eyes from all of the crying I did earlier. Well, and my frown. Maybe that girl was right, I should smile more often.

Though in this case what for and for who?

I open the door to see Ezra standing tall like a stiff soldier in front of me with a full denim black suitcase in his right hand.

“You packed for me?” I ask looking from the bag to his face. He looks bored out of his very soul.

“Ten pairs of socks and underwear, ten outfits and six dresses,” He lists off as if I commanded him to pack that way, “Your shoes are already in the backseat of the car.”

Huh, how reliable, how convenient.

How considerate.

I smile proudly, “Thank you, Ezra.”

“Don’t get all soft on me now,” He lifts his other full hand, “Your gun case with your bullets, attachments and your accessories to conceal it.”

Once again, I’m in his debt, “You didn’t have to-”

Ezra heaves a long sigh, “I liked you so much better when you weren’t so easily impressed by my little acts of kindness.” He stares down at me, “I like a girl that can put up a good fight.”

At this invitation, I shrug, “Okay,” and take a strong knee to his groin.

Of course, he doubles over with a manly grunt at the surprising turn of events.

I grab a fistful of his short, coily hair, enjoying seeing him in this rare form of weakness, “That’s for punching me in the head and taking my things, dickhead!”

He sucks in a long breath and closes his eyes tightly, “Too. Many. Nerve endings.”

I laugh at his painful expression. It’s kind of funny to see that this no-man can have the same reaction to something a regular man would have.

I walk to my closet to grab my grey winter coat that my Papai sent me last year. It’s very long, warm, cozy and soft on the inside. It reminds me at times that wherever he may be out there, that he is always thinking of me just as warmly.

Ezra is still recovering from the whole nut-kneeing thing. I didn’t mean to hurt him that bad, I just wanted to teach him a lesson. He knocked me out cold for hours, for God’s sake!

In my humble opinion, what I did was light work.

He finally stands up straight, removing his hand from my suitcase he was once leaning over to straighten out his trench coat, “You have a very funny way of getting revenge, Saphyre.”

“At least you said my name this time,” I snatch my suitcase and roll it to the door, “Gosh, how will I ever get this thing down the steps?”

“Ah, Sweetheart,” Ezra curls his large arm around me, “I think I know just the thing.”
The twinkle in his brown eyes showed me that whatever he has up his sleeve is simply not going to be good.


Of all places, we end up in the wine cellar. Directly around the corner from the kitchen. My stomach doesn’t rush me to the nearest toilet this time, but my head is knocking like a dribbling ball to a gym floor.

Steady and hard.

I untangle my grasp from Ezra and my suitcase, “It’s going to take forever to get used to that,”

He makes a sound of amusement, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

I scowl directly into his eyes, “Game on, punk.” My body is melting by the second. I should be fighting against this though.

This isn’t some normal vacay that I’m taking with some friends. This is a mission with an Angel. A very important one, rather. It’s time to get a move on and kiss the normal luxuries of my life goodbye.

“Alright, let’s go.” I say straightening myself out with my suitcase in hand, to lead Ezra out of the cellar.

My heart is pounding so hard and so fast. A fresh batch of butterflies has made it to my stomach, surpassing the teleportation sickness.

I haven’t even prepared a last minute speech yet!

Not a single thought has formed in my mind for a straight sensible excuse or reason to leave with this stranger walking behind me. Only fear, little tastes of regret and guilt.

And hearing Ava’s tiny cries aren’t making it any better.

Her little voice box is overpowering the murmurs of conversation and silver clattering against food and porcelain dishes. As we slowly draw nearer to the kitchen, I can weed out voices that don’t exactly stay under this roof.

Two girly laughs and a few other masculine voices that definitely don’t belong to Trey Theo, or John.

Great, I just had to do this while we had company.

Who is all here, anyway? And why? Why can’t they just leave?

Out of pure curiosity I pick up the pace and finally-

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The voices shout in unison.

My heart sinks to the floor.

The entire dining room is packed with my family, including Vee, Gia, Kevin, Clayton, Maxum, and sadly Xander.

Oh, god.

I forgot with all these events taking place that, today, Trey is turning 18.

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