Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 6: This Strange Man

I jet to the kitchen pantry to open the bottom of the shelf, containing our safe. I decode it and open the small black door with frantic fingers. I load the pistol, checking the barrel to make sure there’s one in the chamber, hot and ready to fire if anything goes left.

I pray everything goes right...

Gosh, where’s the damn holster?!


I reach to the back of the safe pushing aside the shells. My wrist almost falters from clipping the holster to the waistband of my jeans

I hide past the kitchen window in attempts to keep the stranger from seeing me. Okay what?

He’s gone.

“Saphyre, cocaine is a helluva drug, girl.” I taunt myself. Immediately I pull my coat from the rack and slip the gun into the holster. This thing is heavier than I remember..

Slowly, I slip into my winter boots, planting myself behind the wall to peak out the transom windows in the sun room.

“I saw what I saw, I am not crazy,” I chant to myself.

Alright, time to kiss death in the mouth.

I breath once and open the front door with my gun tucked behind my coat. One thing I was taught by my papai to never do is flaunt my weapons out to a person that I can’t see. If they happen to be stronger than me, my weapon can become theirs in a split second.

I walk further out of the driveway, past my car and into the road. He’s nowhere to be found. I turn to face my house and trudge through the unkempt snow to look on the side of it.


I’m not crazy.

If only the plow didn’t make his rounds today, I could have traced his footsteps easily, but I can only see mine. I jog to the backyard to see the lone mini playground that Theo was gifted for his 5th birthday. No footsteps, only fresh snow and a layer of it on top the black picket fence separating us from our neighbors.

It’s a pretty nice touch in my opinion, maybe with some Christmas lights it will add a little...

Goddamnit, Saphyre, focus on the task at hand!

My feet are so cold, the snow is at my calves by the time I make it to the other side of the house. I cross my hand into my coat keeping a firm grip on the handle of the gun.

I haven’t stopped shaking since I seen him standing outside but I give myself a mental note that it’s just the cold and not fear. I can’t shoot a straight shot if I’m afraid.

Deus, I don’t want to have to use this thing.

The sight of blood, even just the smallest drop, is simply unnerving. And I’ve never taken anyone’s life. Nothing could have prepared me for this day. I look from my left to my right, taking cautious and observant steps to my door.

One more look behind me won’t hurt. How does he disappear like that? Was he even...No don’t question yourself! I know I saw him.

Ugh, I’m saving up for an exorcist, stat!

I breathe out, watching my breath cloud up in the air before stepping into the warmth of my house. Maybe if I lock all of the doors and windows and shut all of the blinds and drapes, he’ll think twice about showing face again.

I can always call the police if anything bad happens. In defeat, I hang up my coat.

My feet are so cold I feel like my toes are about to fall off! Now I’m restless. I need to sit in front of the fireplace. Perhaps turn on some TV to drown out the quiet...Maybe if I distract myself my nerves won’t be so bad. I move past the partition walls with my head drooped-

“Hello, Saphyre.”

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