Saving Asteroth

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Chapter 7: What Is He?

I jump, extracting my pistol from the holster to point it at the dark figure. How the hell did he get in here? And what gave him the audacity to sit on my-


“Who in the blue fuck are you, and how do you know my name?” Oh yeah, I’m intimidating as puppy. My arms are shaking and I’m this close to balling up into a fetal position and crying. I’m trembling so badly right now.

The man moves in his seat.

I scream, “Don’t move or else I will shoot you!” His hands slowly lift into the air. I still can’t see behind that hood, I sniffle, shaking my head in fear, “Don’t you fucking move-”

“I don’t want to hurt you and I didn’t mean to scare you.” He bellows with his head almost bowed.

It is him.

Those dreads of his hanging in and out of his hood, that rich scent ...that strong smell.

But why just earlier when I saw him in the driveway....did he not have hair...?

Great now I’m crying. I slowly step closer to him, taking a swift wipe at the tears streaming down my face like rain droplets on a window, death gripping the gun with my index finger away from the trigger. “Please-I don’t-who are you?”

“It’s okay, Saphyre just lower the weapon, I am not here to hurt you.”

My chest is heaving harder than a child having an asthma attack, this gun and this man do not make the best of inhalers, “Who,” I step closer loading the gun, “Are.” I push him to sit back into the couch so that we are almost eye level, “You.”

The man hasn’t lowered his hands. “It’s been a very long time, Saphyre, you grew to be so...” His voice trails off, I am this close to tearing the hood from off of his head. I can’t see his face at all!

“If I talk will you listen?” He asks, I hate how mellow he is about all of this.

I push the gun further towards his hood, “I should report you to the authorities for breaking and enterin-”

He chuckles with a sinister tone, “The door was unlocked I figured somebody was home.”

“Give me a fucking break, you saw me leave the house which gave you the ingenious idea to let yourself in!” I have to calm down, I’m still shaking and my hands are sweating.

He cocks his head to the side, “You should learn to lock the door behind you, any other man much dangerous than I could have taken full advantage of you right here on this couch.”

My heartbeat quickens, my face turns red, “How dare y-”

Bzzt, Bzzt! “-throwin money ’till your bank full, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake birthday suit, damn in a little I’mma forget your age soon-”

His throat clears, “You wanna get that?”

I groan loudly as we both glance at my phone buzzing on the dining room table.

Bzzt “And If she don’t believe me tell the bitch just try me.”

I growl in irritation, mãe always told me it was an unladylike habit of mine.

“Jesus-augh! You stay right there, get up, and I will blow your head off!” I command stomping toward the kitchen with my hand gun extended his way and my other arm reaching behind me until I get a hold of my phone.

If I let him out of my sight again he might dart like a speck into the fucking unknown.

I finally get a handle on my phone and answer, “H-hello?”

“It’s about that time, Saph!” Gia squeals through the phone, damn you, Gia, “Tell me you are as excited as I am, I haven’t stopped searching for an outfit since I got here..”

Her voice fades as I lean against the counter, staring at the man still sitting on my couch. All to comfortably. What the hell has really gotten into today?

How does he know where I live, who I am or what the fuck I used to look like. What is stopping him from saying his name?

Fuck if I know any of this shit!

And Gia is not helping. I need to gather my wits about me.

Breath in. Think pilates... Breathe out.

"Hey Gia, can I call you back, I’m a little busy right now.”

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