The Morgan Moor Chronicles Book 1

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After the death of her grandmother Morgan finds a new home and friends and family in a small town. Hopefully she will be accepted for the magical woman she is. 18+ trigger warning. Abuse, sexual situations, and death.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Deep breath. You got this!” I take a big breath because I'm the boss of me. I let it out slowly and open the door to my old blue Chevy pick up truck. Hopping out I slam the door shut and look at my new home. It's a beautiful little wooden cottage not very far from the road with a great big garden on the side surrounding the greenhouse. The house itself is a wood sided building that the real estate agent said was “charming and cozy" and while it is both I was expecting it to be smaller since that is realtor speak for a "small money pit”. Needless to say I am pleasantly surprised.

Speaking of the realtor, she pulls in to the driveway behind me and gets out with her great big realtor smile on her face. She looks a little older than me maybe mid 30s. Her hair is a honey blonde in a messy bun. She's wearing jeans, but she has a blazer, so I say she knows what she's talking about. Her name is Lindsay Prior of Prior Realty, and she can “guarantee you a home”.

Home. That's what got me. Right in the gut. And I know to trust my gut no matter what. That's where your magic is. I needed a home after everything that happened back in my life. So I got a map and my eye kept snagging on the little town of Hastings Falls.

So I looked it up and the top result was of course a bit about the town. A waterfront town with a thriving farmer's market, population of about 5,000, and a big community of naturalists just out of town. So I didn't even need clothes! I packed them anyway because as hilarious as I am a nudist I am not. But the second result was Prior Realty and their motto. I was hooked. So I called them up and bought a house. Not quite that easily but that was the end result.

Now I am here in my new driveway of my new home beside my old truck.

“Hello Ms. Moor! I'm Lindsay, we talked on the phone?” Her voice is loud but cheerful and honestly, welcoming.

“Yes! Hi Ms. Prior. Thank you for helping me out so much. I must seem so weird just buying a house without seeing it.” Half apologizing because I'm not sorry at all. I am quite in love with it already.

“Oh trust me you're not even the weirdest today!” She says conspiratorially.

“Oh good!” I say with a laugh. She digs in her pocket and produces a key and hands it to me.

“Welcome to your new home Ms. Moor!” She says excitedly. “Would you like me to show you around?”

“I would love that please! I need someone to talk to after driving so long!” I admit walking to the front door and unlocking it. I take a deep breath and open it and take my first step into my new home.

We walk into the house and I notice all the walls have been painted a nice clean white. I instantly want to start drawing on them but I have company so it will have to wait.

Ms. Prior, who has asked me to call her Lindsay, leads me into the living room from the door. It's all so empty, which is nice and not unexpected, but it just finally sinks in that this is all mine.

The living room is a good size with a wood fireplace and a big bay window overlooking the front yard. I make a mental note to put my reading chair there and some of my plants.

We move to the kitchen next which takes up the other side of the front of the house. It's beautiful with wood countertops and a big stove and enough shelves to hold all my herbs, which is saying something.

And I have a root cellar! It needs some cleaning but I can do that. The kitchen has a side Dutch door that leads out to my new garden and greenhouse but I will explore that on my own. I look funny talking to the plants when I have company.

The master bedroom is a good size with big windows. I will be able to sleep successfully. The guest room is lovely with another big window. And did I mention I have a bathroom too? With a tub AND a shower? I am moving up in the world!

Lindsay is chatting the whole time telling me about all of the features and explaining that the town has all sorts of stuff to do for a single woman my age but she just can't seem to name any. I roll with it because I'm a bit of a homebody anyway. But she seems really nice. Her phone goes off and tells me she has to go but it was lovely to meet me and everything has been turned on for me like I asked. I thank her and walk her to her car. I might as well start moving stuff in while I'm out here. Waving goodbye, I turn to my truck and start unloading.

I pull down the tailgate and grab a box labeled kitchen, I think it's my pots and pans, and get to work.

I'm on my fifth trip and I notice next is my bed. Ugh! It was a pain to get it in there by myself. The box spring is easy but the mattress is going to be a pain in my butt. So I take the box spring and try not to bust down my door. It was a success. Now, my evil mattress.

Fifteen minutes later of colorful language and struggling for dominance with my mattress. I kick it and about to weigh the pros and cons of sleeping on a box spring when I feel someone behind me.

I turn and see a very handsome man in a black t shirt that hugs everything just right and jeans that do just the same. He has sort dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. And when he speaks he says the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

“Do you need a hand?”

“Yes please if you don't mind? We're not seeing eye to eye right now.” I say with an exhausted huff. He laughs.

“That's alright. Mattresses are easier with two people anyway.” And he mother fluffing winks! I try to hide my blush by getting to work. He grabs one side and I grab the other and make short work of my previous battle. Once its inside and behaving. I introduce myself.

“Thank you so much for your help! I'm Morgan.” And I put my hand out for a handshake. He grabs my hand in his and dwarfs it. His hand is warm and rough. A happy bubbly feeling starts in my belly.

“Hi. I'm Grant. I live just across the street.” He says with a smile that could set fire to all panties in a 3-kilometer radius. “Do you need help with anything else?” What a gentleman.

“If it's not too much trouble I could use a hand with my couch but that's about it. They were the only things I had any trouble loading.”

“No husband to help?” He asks not making eye contact as we walk to grab the couch.

“No its just me.” I smile and grab my end.

“Oh. Well if you ever need company I'm just over in that house there.” And he gestures to the house directly across the road. His house look like mine but less garden and more trees and no greenhouse but lots of lumber. “ Its just me too.”

“Thank you I just may take you up on that offer” I say smiling when he looks up. “Are you ready?” Adjusting my grip on the couch.


"The couch? Are we ready to lift it?" I ask.

"Oh! Ya let's get this in your new house!" He chuckles and grabs an end. My couch isn't heavy it's just a couch and too long for one person to carry. We get it into the living room successfully without any casualties which is more than can be said about loading the darn thing.

"I would offer you something to drink but I don't have anything right now. Rain check?" I offer.

"Sounds great." He says with a smile that lights up the room and I can't help but blush and smile back. "So where are you working? I haven't heard anything in the gossip mill" he chuckles.

"Oh is the gossip mill that bad here?" I ask.

"Not really but everyone is curious about the person who bought the Old Benson Place. He had to be moved into a nursing home a few months ago after his wife passed." He says. Trying to ease my worries.

"Oh" I say "well I am a botany illustrator. Draw plants for text books and journals."

"Oh wow. That's pretty cool. It's a good thing you have that big garden then." He says with genuine interest.

"Ya I'm excited to explore it." I say with a bit of giddiness that makes him laugh. I look at the stove and notice its already 2pm. "Oh! I better get the rest in here if I want to get to the grocery store before dinner." He laughs as I rush out the door to grab the last four boxes. Luckily I don't have much stuff. I only have what's in my truck. I think the rest of the boxes are books, crystals and my art supplies.

We say goodbye, and he reminds me not to forget about the rain check I promised him. Feeling a little full of myself the universe promptly corrects me and the bottom of the box falls out. Because, yeah.

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