Belle's fantasium

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Belle finds herself standing before a gate entering which would change her whole life!

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Belle's Fantasium

Belle Lestrange, a hardworking but a poor girl, who would turn 23 next week was sitting on her desk completing her article so as to give it to her boss by the deadline which was today evening. She could hardly help herself and her sister with meals using this job and she didn’t want to get kicked out of it. Everyone was working hard trying to please their psycho and cruel boss, Jelshia Zap. Well…. Except Annie Zap who was sitting idly, the girl whose taunt Belle hated the most. Why wasn’t Annie working? Oh! You guessed that. She is the daughter of Mrs. Jelshia Zap, so of course she will have to rest and have fun while others would do her job and instead of them, she would get bonus and promotion. So, where was I? Oh yeah. I was telling you about that weirdest and last day of work at the Zapsers (my company name) which actually changed my whole life. I was giving dirty looks to Annie along with writing my article. (I am multitasking you know.) Annabeth Mingle, who was my one and only best friend in the Zappers or shall I say in my whole life, whispered to me “Belle! Faster! Only half an hour’s left. I am watching you since five minutes that you are continuously glaring at Annie. Stop that, it won’t help. Just do your work.” I sighed and realised that she was quite right so I went back to my work and began writing my article as fast as I could. Seconds passed, then minutes but I was still stuck on the conclusion part. I wasn’t able to form a catchy conclusion and that was when I glanced again at Annie and an idea struck me! But it is rightly said, When you need time the most, it will pass faster and so was happening with me. I typed letters as fast as I dared but I felt like I would not make it. Only five minutes are left! I can’t lose my job, at least not for Sia. That thought boost up my energy and I began typing faster and faster. Just when I clicked the print option, Mrs. Zap stormed into the room and yelled in her heavy voice “Hey ya! That girl…. Belle! Are you done or do you wanna get kicked out of the Zappers?” With a triumphant expression on my face I said handing over the papers to pathetic “I am done ma’am. Please check the papers with Annie. Till then can I wait in your office?” Her expression softened and with a forced kind voice she said “Sure Belle dear. Thank you so much.” I smiled and I went into her office, that place always intrigued me. I don’t why but I felt as if I belonged to that place. The beautiful pictures hung on the walls and the sweet scent of that room was always so welcoming. The desk and everything was so pleasant unlike Mrs. Zap. I sat on the chair next to a door which used to be closed every time I entered the chamber but surprisingly it was open today. I saw a greenish light coming from that door. I decided not to see towards it but it was so inviting that I chose to try the door once. I walked up to it and I could hear a faint whisper. I felt more eager to open it so I touched the handle and swung the door open to find nothing but a plain, pitch-black room. I took my first step inside that place cautiously and I walked up to the source of light. When I saw it, I was flabbergasted! There was this golden fireplace in which were flames of green fire. The appealing whispers were coming from it which were quite clear now. It said “Come….. now….. its time… come.. now.. its time..” And shockingly I knew exactly to what it was referring to….. It was asking me to come into the fire and I literally obliged. I don’t know why was I doing that stupid thing but I did that. I put my first step into the fire step without even hesitating as if I was possessed. I remarkably entered the fire place without burning myself and when I understood what I did, it was too late. I was gradually becoming dizzy and a weird feeling was flooding in me. I looked everywhere but I could only see green light. When my vision cleared, I found myself in a completely different place. It was green all around and a face appeared in the sky out of white clouds. It said “Welcome Belle! Welcome to our Creatus Soul Demesne. You are the Opted One for this month. We are the Crème Sprites.” Once she said WE two more faces emerged and for once I noticed how beautiful they were. Big eyelashes on pretty eyes, perfect lips and flowing hair, all white… Then the second face continued, “We choose people like you who are in need to live in our world. Our world is beautiful and this will be the place where you will live if you pass your test which most people do. You will have three stages and three choices. According to the ones you choose you will be sorted into either bright side or bleak side. Are you willing to live a better life? Are you willing to give your tests?” I was in trance but then I remembered Sia’s face, my only living relative who needed me so much. If I could win this thing and lead a happy life probably I would be able to help Sia out…. I know it may sound stupid but I said yes. The three faces smiled and the third one said “Very well. So your first stage will be here only. I am Pegasi, she is Siria and The third one there is Berlina. We three are Crème Sprites.” Siria then smiled and spoke “Dear Belle, your first question is- WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE IF YOU GET A CHANCE TO PICK ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PARTS OF OUR WORLD?” Berlina then continued “YOUR FIRST OPTION IS – BLEAK SIDE, THIS IS THE DARK SIDE OF OUR WORLD WHERE YOU ALL CAN MAKE YOUR OWN WORLDS AND RULE WITHOUT CO-ORDINATION BUT LIKE QUEENS.” Pegasi then told the rest of the options. “SECOND YOU HAVE BRIGHT SIDE. WHERE YOU MAY WORK AS SLAVES BUT YOU WILL HAVE CO-ORDINATION. AND THIRD IS YOU ARE NOT SURE WHERE YOU WANT TO GO AND LEAVE ON US TO DECIDE. AND LET ME TELL YOU, THERE IS NO GOOD OR BAD SIDE IN OUR WORLD, THEY ARE SAME! YOU HAVE TWO MINUTES TO ANSWER.” I thought and found out that I was not sure what to answer. My first consideration was to let them decide but then when I thought myself in their place I said to myself ’I would surely think that this girl is not confident and not sure of herself” so stroke this option down no way I would choose it. Then I thought of option A, I will live like a queen! I would be the best! I was about to choose it when something struck me and I said “I choose option B- Bright side!” The three looked at me intently for a few moments and then Siria broke the silence and asked “What made you choose this option?” I smiled and replied “Democracy. It is what made me choose this answer. Living like a queen in a place where everyone would be queen if they choose to, which everyone will then whom will I rule? Leaving it on you is not a good idea you know and Democracy is the best thing. Living with peace and harmony with any position I get is much better than others.” The Crème Sprites considered it and said “Ok dear. We have analysed your choice and will tell your result at the end. Till then you move to that room for your next test.” Without hesitation I moved towards the metal door which they pointed to. Body language is very important for every kind of test and so I maintained my body language with grace and confidence. I opened the door and found myself face to face with a gigantic three headed dog! ‘This surely is a test of courage’ I thought. The dog was snorting loudly and was fast asleep. I found a door which probably led to another room but I had to get past the dog in order to get there. I thought ’the Sprites said that I had to choose one of the options. But how would I get to know what options do I have?” Just then I noticed a chit of paper lying near one of the dog’s head. I took a deep breath and I slowly walked up to that head and quietly picked up the paper but it was late. There must have been some or other sensing machine lying there because as soon as I touched the chit, the dog’s heads growled and snorted. It opened its eyes and for a moment I saw a flicker of sadness and loneliness in its eyes. I felt a pang of guilt for it but I focused on taking the chit away. Once I took the chit and opened it the three scary heads glared at me and growled. I took my gut feeling as my priority and by saying “Nice doggy. Calm down, I am not here to hurt you!” I began taking some back steps and as soon as I got a few inches away from its head, I began running as fast as I could. I had to run to protect myself from the dog along with read the options in the chit about which I was certain. How was I going to do it? ‘But of-course Belle! Use your multitasking skill.’ I split my mind in two, one made an idea to at least save myself till I read and make a choice from the options in the chit while other surveyed those options. My first mind decided to go under the dog that is near its belly button and keep on running in there but also try not making a sound. While other read the question-





What!? Play with it? Are you insane? Yup, that’s what I thought. I wanted to strike it down but my gut feeling was stuck on that option only. After surveying all the options, I declared, dodging the various heads of Russy, the dog poking under his belly “I CHOOSE OPTION C! TAKE A FUN TOY AND PLAY WITH IT” then everything around me froze even Russy and magically, a large ball of yarn sprang next to me. Considering the gesture I took the ball and Russy unfroze. I dauntlessly walked up to the other end of the room and shouted “Hey! Russy! I remember the flicker of loneliness in your eyes dear! Come I am here! I will play with you…. See this yarn! Come now…” I kept on repeating it with my eyes reflecting sympathy. Russy sensed my sympathy and calmed down. He bowed to me and took the yarn. We both together played for what it seemed like ten minutes or so when a voice boomed in the room “Russy, go back to sleep……” and obediently Russy did. Then it continued “Ok Belle, now its time for your last stage. Please go through that door!” I nodded and I walked up to it, turned the nob and swung it open. There was nothing but a green mist, assuming that I had to walk through it, I did and a sensation of relief filled me up. When I looked up there was a beautiful girl sitting on a chair. She was beautiful yet she seemed alive and dead both at one time. I walked up to it hesitantly and looked at it carefully. She had dark brown hair, Blue eyes, Green dress which kind of camouflaged with the surrounding and she wore a quiet expression on her face. “Uh.. what do I have to do Ms.?” I asked in confusion. The emotionless girl smiled and said in a misty voice “WELCOME DEAR, WELCOME! YOUR LAST QUESTION IS – HOW WILL YOU REACT TO YOUR GREATEST FEAR?” I still wasn’t sure about the question when I heard a familiar voice moaning next to me. My heart throbbed badly and as I turned I hoped it wasn’t true but it was. I saw my greatest fear- a girl with black hair, grey eyes and a cute face dying on the floor. “Sia! What did you do to her?” I exclaimed and knelt down beside her and tears streamed down from my Hazel eyes. My black jeans was torn and black top was dusty. “Wh-what are the options.” I asked the girl between the sobs. She smiled and said “FIRST IS- MOVE ON IN YOUR LIFE LEAVING HER BEHIND CAUSE HER DEATH IS DESTINED. SECOND IS- CRY YOUR WHOLE LIFE WITH GRIEF THAT YOU COULDN’T SAVE HER. THIRD IS- USING RESURRECTION POWER, BRING HER BACK” I immediately replied without even thinking “Third one!” The girl frowned and said “Do you want to reconsider your choice? I give you this freedom.” I thought once more ’No way I could live with grief. I-I can’t take away her pleasure to move on in death by bringing her back to life. Only option left…..” I replied with tears in my eyes “Option-A. I reconsider my choice, I choose option A.” The girl smiled and suddenly both Sia’s body and the girl’s body began to disintegrate and it formed the clouds in the sky which reshaped as Crème Sprites. “We assessed and analysed you. You passed our tests. And you are moved into the Bright side! Also we announce you the queen of the Brightians! When you enter that room you will find a surprise for you.” The three said together and smiled. I walked slowly up to the door to which they pointed and a feeling of dread filled me up. ‘Sia………….. I am sorry…………’ I kept on thinking and exhausted from the test I opened the gateway. As soon as I entered it my appearance changed. My black dress converted into Emerald Green beautiful gown entrusted with precious stones. A beautiful Tiara appeared on my head and my makeup changed to that of a queen’s. When I looked away from myself astonished by the conversion, I saw my- MY Sia standing over there, wearing a Pink Gown and a slightly smaller tiara. “Sia! You- you knew about all this?!” Sia replied “Yes, ofcourse. That is why I forced you to work here, my sister or shall I say, my queen. I was ruling this Bright side since two years as the princess and I was in search for our queen. Then I met you and I knew you were it. I forced you to work here so that on time you will enter this place. Yes Belle, I am younger to you. I still am sixteen years but I came here in the age of fourteen. And don’t worry, I am not fake but your real sister. Now, your majesty, would you do the honours and name our kingdom!” I was still in shock but I replied “Yes dear! It will be Fantasia! And don’t you dare call me, your majesty and all. No on will! I am friend of all of you! No queen.” My sis smiled and said “Nice choice- Belle!” I gave a hearty laugh and hugged my sister as hard as I could so that I would never leave her again.

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