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Beyond the Mist

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Victoria Beckett has always been content with growing up in the world's first ever Utopian society. Until her brother's last words told her something that would change her life forever,

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Victoria Beckett was your typical 14 year old. She looked and acted just like everyone else in her age group. After all, that’s how things worked in their Utopian society. No one was curious, and no one ever went beyond the Mist.

Growing up, Victoria had become accustomed to the laws and culture of the society she called Sillow. No one, including herself, questioned the Ruler, unless they wanted a fate worse than death. Although the citizens of Sillow took pride in being the world’s first ever Utopian society, there were always things the leaders kept secret, and questions best kept unanswered.

Population control was necessary, by any means. Families were limited to two children, one boy and one girl. If families had more than the two they were allowed, the children were often taken and never seen again. Nobody knows where they go, but all the rumors think that they’re cast out into the dystopian world. Still, a society has rules, and consequences must be given to those who do not follow them. Everyone’s the same, nobody’s different, it’s the only way to keep everyone happy. Everyone falls into line, just the way it’s supposed to be.

That was, until May 15, 2175. Grace Keepers barged into the Beckett’s house shouting, “Put your hands in the air and stand up! We have you surrounded, Jaxon!”

They were there for her brother, Victoria realized.

“No, please no!! Jax what’d you do!?!” She sobbed, grabbing onto her brother’s arm.

“Jaxon M. Beckett, accused of Treason. You have the right to remain still and silent. The Ruler will see you immediately, pray he has mercy on your clearly misguided soul.” stated the first GK.

Holding a gun to Jax’s head, the second GK shouted, “In the car! Hurry up!” and shoved Jaxon out the door, but not before he was able to slip a note into his sister’s sweater pocket.

“It all happened so quickly. The Keepers came in and accused him of Treason!”, Victoria told her parents, who had been running errands when Jax was arrested.

“Your brother has always been a source of trouble. It was just a matter of time before the GK and Ruler Artimez found out.” said her mother, somewhat impatiently. “You know the golden rule of Sillow, darling.”

“Yes mother. Always fall in line, because standing out will make you a cast out.” Victoria recited, albeit shocked at her mother’s response.

“Good. Now run along before you get to thinking about your brother again.”, she chuckled.

But that was all young Victoria Beckett could think about. She knew Jax never liked to follow the rules, but she was sure he would never betray the society, no one ever has. At least, no one she’s ever heard about.

Just as Victoria was drifting off to sleep, she felt something in her pocket. She reached in, and was surprised when she found a piece of paper with the words “To: Victoria. No matter what happens to me, I will always love you.” scribbled on the outside. With tears in her eyes, she opened the note to read her brother’s words.

Hey Vic, by the time you’re reading this, the Grace keepers will have already imprisoned me, because I did betray Sillow, but it was because there’s something you should know. You have a twin beyond the Mist. She was cast out because of the population control mandate. Our parents never wanted you to find out, otherwise they would be shamed. Her name is Gabrielle, and she lives at 2671 North East Drive. I know this is all so sudden and hard to believe, but you have to find her, Victoria. Sillow is not the Utopian society you think it is, and Ruler Artimez isn’t the person you were brainwashed to believe he is. They’re going to make an example out of me, get out of here during the ceremony and find Gabrielle. I love and miss you so much. Do what I could never do. Go beyond the Mist.”

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