Legacy: The Unravelling

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From marvellous landscapes to charismatic and cheerful inhabitants, the continent of Varlem has all the components for it to be a major force, – or that is how it should be is according to Kiara Alburg’s deceased grandmother that she never knew. In reality, the continent is divided into two forces that constantly fight to carry out justice for past wrongdoings, but what would happen if nothing is as simple at it seems? There is a massive hidden truth that can bring the doomsday to the people residing on it without regards to their status and their only hope relies on unravelling it before it is too late.

Fantasy / Adventure
Emilia Fawley
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-I used to think that I knew it all of our story and our world, but I have been proven wrong countless of times already to the extent that nothing surprises me anymore.- said Eric as he felt himself falling into the void.-

“You are amusing little one… You really think that you know everything that there is to be about the creation of your kind or even about your own family? Let me prove you just how wrong you are.” were the words that kept ringing in my mind as different scenes flew by.

Flashes of my mother’s red hair flowing in a destroyed plaza, her gaze locked down in a shadow in front of her as she raised her hands and the sea followed her murderous intent. For minutes it appeared as if the hit had struck the shadow fully and that she had won.

I saw her sigh in exhaustion, blood instantly falling from her nose and dripping from her mouth as she coughed unable to hide her pain and then, I saw in slow motion how that very same shadow appeared in front of her missing an arm, not even giving her the chance to fully register it when it stabbed her stomach with his remaining hand, this time she was not able to hold the blood inside of her mouth as she felt herself weaken and as if it could not get worse, a hoarse voice spoke from behind her, thinking that her confusion was fake and becoming wary of the increase in her aura and power, it promptly stabbed her from behind inevitably going through her heart and just like that the light in my mother’s eyes dimmed as her life was torn away.

The scene changed slightly to when my father found her, his pained screams as he held her bloodied corpse haunting and tormenting me even in my dreams. It simply was something that would not vanish even after the years passed.

Painful yet unforgivable at the same time.

Then I saw a brunette woman, her sapphire eyes watching another hooded figure with raw determination as she wielded her spear. Their moves were fast and deadly and even after she managed to cut his hand off and slash his chest, he still managed to stab her right on her chest with a dagger that was not his, inevitably blaming innocents of her demise.

The next flashes were so fast that I did not have time to register them when it stopped abruptly in the scene where a being that radiated peace stood directly in front of four beasts; a dragon, a sea serpent, a falcon and a lion, each one of them radiating a smaller aura of harmony and happiness.

-I did what had to be done my children, now it is your time.- the being said.-

And he vanished, just as the scenes that I had seen as well as my consciousness.

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