The Alpha's Destiny (The Prophecy)

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“Are you mad at me now, Little Kitten?" He had a sexy, panty-dropping-pout on his luscious pink lips. I felt my stomach tighten. "No!" My voice came out ragged. "Good," he said. His voice was as smooth as butter. I was leaking like an ice truck. I squeezed my thighs together, in hopes it would help to cool things down in my southern region. Zander's eyes didn't fail to assimilate my actions. "My little kitten is a bad pussy, isn't she?" His voice had an ominous tone to it. It almost didn't sound like him. It was dark and deep, but oh so sexy. ______________ Hazel Valentine is an 18-year-old who was raised by her wealthy aunt and uncle because both of her parents are deceased. At the age of 9, Hazel began to draw portraits of a young man, whom she thought was just a figment of her imagination, but as soon as she turned 18 she was not only drawing his portraits, but she started having realistic dreams about him. Nobody knew about this dream guy but her best friend Gabrielle. What will happen when she finds him, her dream guy and learns he's an actual Alpha werewolf? What will happen when he tells her that he too has been dreaming of her? Follow Hazel on a quest to unfold the secrets of her family's past and watch her become the Alpha's destiny. Aug.10.20-Sep.29.20 _________________________ Warning: 18+ Strong adult language and mature themes. Read at your own risk!

Fantasy / Romance
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