Sold To My Irish Daddy

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step into the sexy and hot world of were-panthers that's right I said were-panthers this series is hot sexy dirty with Dd-lg play bdsm scenes and heart warming romances with just the right dash of drama.

Fantasy / Romance
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My brother comes running into the living room from upstairs while I’m sitting on the couch doing my schoolwork. “Fuck fuck fuck, Chandra, I’m so fucked fuck fuck.” “What’s going on, Tommy? What did you do this time? “Tommy,” I panic. I’ve never seen my brother cry before, and it freaks me out. “We can’t fix it this time, Chandra,” my brother says before the front door bursts open, wood chips flying everywhere. As three men enter my living room, I am frozen in fear and shock. I examine all three men, trying to figure out who my brother fucked with this time. My eyes freeze on the third man, and my heart drops and I become dizzy as I realize who he is. “Tommy, please tell me you did not borrow money from the alpha of the Irish pack,”

Draven, the alpha of the Irish American panther pack, is in my living room with a snarl on his face and a vein popping out of his head. When I hear his whimper, I know the answer. Suddenly, I notice that my nipples are hardening and my clit is swelling. What’s that odor? It has a sandalwood and cinnamon scent.

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