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Everly Night, she is a pureblood, she is half-vampire and a pureblood dragon. She is one of the most feared female in the world, she is not just a pureblood with power for she is the Queen of Dragon's. She thouth love didn't exist, with is weird because her parents where known for there love for each other. She didn't believe in mates that was a till she met someone she didn't believe existed. What will happen when her mate needs her help to save a life will she save her mate or leave him for death.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I wake up to the sound of a dragon landing, I sit up and smile when I see Storm my dragon he's colour is beautiful he's almost black and he's wings are mixed with blue highlights for he's a thunder dragon.

"Morning Storm, did you sleep well?" I ask him "Always my Queen." as most may think dragons can't talk, thay can not but only to those they trust other ways you can't hear them.

As you my nou I'm Everly the Queen of dragons, like every dragon shifter I have a dragon protecter.

I get up and went to the bathroom showered and got dressed in a black dress as always, walk out of my room and go to the kitchen.

Before I walk in a hear voices "She's not going to like this!" I think that is Liam "I know that but they ask her because they now she will help." Lucas my best friend and second in comond says I walk in and say.

"What will I not like?" they look at me as Storm sits behind me. (the castle walls and doors are big so the Dragon's can come in and out.)

"Morning my Queen." Liam says "Morning Jellybean" I roll my eyes Lucas gave me that name when we were 4 because I love jellybeans and I always throwed it at him when we were younger.

"Don't morning me, what are you not telling me?" Laim looks down and hits Lucas in the ribs, "stop it!" Lucas tells Laim "Tell her!" Laim says "You tell her." Lucas says and Liam says "No, you do it!"

I sigh and then Storm growls lowly they stop and look at us, "Are you done!?" they nod and then Lucas says "Thekingofwerewolfswantstoaskyousomething."

"What!" I say looking at him "The king of werewolves wants to ask you something about needing your help." that peace of shit after he wanted nothing to do with me he wants my help.

*sigh* ugh! I don't say anything I just walk straight to my office and call the Alpha king

"Alpha Jack" he says "Jack, its Mrs. Night." i say "Mrs. Night it's Alfha Jack and I'm glad you called." you does he think I am he's dog, hell no!

"First thing Jack I'm not your dog I'm a Queen u can call you what I want, secondly what is it you want from me?" I hear a growl not loud but it's there.

"Mrs. Night, there is a pack called Blue moon, I heard they are abusing people in the pack, I need your help to stop that." why he's there king can't he do it himself.

"Why? Your there king." "I've, tried stopping it but they didn't, I want to end them but I don't want to do that, and you are the strongest person in the world,.. Please help me." that's new he never ask for help, this as to be serious.

*sigh* "Okay, I'll be flying to France tomorrow." I hear him sigh in relieve "Thank you, Mrs. Night, good day." I say bye and sit back in my chair look at Storm you is half asleep

I sack my head "Storm!" he shoots up and looks at me"Yes!? " I laugh and get up and walk out with him following behind me I walk to the living room to she my parents cuddling they look up and sy good morning

" I'm leaving tomorrow morning. " they look at me with a frown "Where to sweat heart?" my mother asked. "I'm going to France I'm helping the Alpha King." my father laughs

Then stops when he sees the seriousness in my face "Why?" he asked "He needs help to stop a abusive pack he says he tried to stop it but they didn't he even used the word, please!"

"Then something is really wrong." I nod then say goodbye and went to my office to do some work, I went to bed that night with a feeling that something is going to happen tomorrow.

HI guys first book please bear with me.
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