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Chapter 2

*Grayson's PV *

I wake up with sweat running down my face I look to my clock it's 3am, I have to get up.

I get up and go to the kitchen and softly start to make breakfast for the pack, after I'm done I move out the back door so no one will see as people fill up the kitchen to eet.

As I'm busy cleaning dishes I hear footsteps, Shit! And then I hear them "Look what we have here? Little rat." it's Ian he was my best friend and then everything changed when I became the Omage and he started to treat me like everyone else does.

I'm the weak Omage nobody likes, I'm the panshing bag for everyone,. I turn and keep my head down I know better then to look at there eyes as I proper for the hit we hear a howl, it's the Alpha he wants us out side for a meeting.

"Lucky Asshole!" we go out side to see Alpha Peter waiting as everyone is there he starts to speak "Everyone! We have a spaicial geast coming tomorrow, so everyone will behave and don't do anything stupid." he says as he looks at me.

Someone the asks "Who is coming? Alpha." "The Dragon Queen." gasp where heard, the Dragon Queen.?

After a while we all go back inside and back to work, I sit down under a tree in the forest, the only place I feel safe, and then I hear a noise I look to where the sound came from to see Mrs. Brown.

She owns a bakery in the town she is the only one that treats me like I'm normal, "Hi Mrs. Brown" she sits down in front of me "HI, Grayson."

"Can you believe the Dragon Queen herself is coming to fiset our pack?" she says happily "I don't know much about her."

She gasps "Well, would you like me to tell you about her?" I nod "Well, The Dragon Queen, is a strang female, she is a pure blood dragon she is half-vampire two.She is feard by many, for she is very powerful she is known for her protectiveness and beauty. She is feard but the people she care for and trust are the only people that doesn't have to fear her, it is said that she took the throne when she was 12 for she is stronger then her father, she won 2 wars against us and the witches, and it said that she can kill a pack in a plink of a eye. "

Wow! She must be powerful but feard by many that is a part that scars me." She sounds amazing, but I fear her already. " she smiles and says" People that have met her say that she may be feard and can kill when she is angered, but she as a kind and loving heart, she rools her kingdom with love and compassion, they say her kingdom is peacful and laughter is always heard and the sky is always filled with dragons, and it snows a lot there. " I wander what it mast be like there.

'We may see it some day." my wolf Leo says,

' Please, as if we would ever even get to talk to her. '

He doesn't say anything back, he's hiding something I now it, I get up say goodbye to Mrs. Brown and go back to my room and fall asleep, dreaming of how she looks and how her kingdom must belike.

Sorry I know it's sort
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