Poisonous Celestial

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Lucy leaves Fairy Tail to find 4 keys that could kill or save the world. Not wanting her family involved she gets ready to face finding the keys and fighting the dark guild that is trying to get them to, she never thought she would start to fall in love with an unexpected partner named Cobra.

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“Master?” Lucy said as she knocked on the door to Master Makarov’s office. Master looked up and smiled.

“Lucy, my child, how may I help you?” Lucy began to feel nervous about the topic she wanted to discuss with him. She summed up her bravery and pushed down all her feelings of anxiety. “I want to quit Fairy Tail,” Lucy said with a quavering voice and tears threatening to stream down her cheeks. “What!? But why?” Master asked in a shocked tone as he looked at the girl; who forced a smile towards him. “I have some personal reasons that I like to keep to myself, but I need to leave the guild.” Lucy cried as she looked at her Master who had taken her in, fought for her, loved her like she was his blood daughter. “Please, just erase my mark, Please!” Master nodded his head, tears starting to fall down his face as he raised a hand and placed it above her mark to erase it.

Lucy felt a sharp tingle go through her and watched as his hand lowered. Lucy gave Master a hug before hurrying to open the door. Before she left, she turned. “Master can you please not tell anyone for a couple of days? I don’t want them to follow me. Please?”

“Of course, but I expect you to keep your promise and come back someday,” Master said. Lucy smiled and laughed.

“Of course I’m coming back! I can’t leave this crazy guild forever! My life would be boring if I did that!”

With those words, she hurried out of the office to reach her apartment and grab her bag; waving goodbye to all the people she was about to leave as she approached the train station.



In the last train car of a single train, there was a girl looking blankly out the window to the beautiful city she was now leaving. Where her friends, guild, and home were. The tears that she had been holding in for the past few hours were now falling down her face. Her hand went to a few golden keys in her lap as she barely choked out a few sounds.

“Loke..” She managed to say before she then felt two arms wrap around her, which she nuzzled into for comfort. “Lucy, are you sure that you want to do this? You can still go back now and go home.” Loke said as he attempted to pat her head in a comforting manner.

“Loke, you know that I can’t go back right now. Besides, I have to get the keys before the dark guild gets them.” Lucy said to Loke as she looked up to him. She was silent for a moment before saying to farce Loke’s gate, “Close Gate of the Lion.” Then, she sighed and gently mumbled to herself. “I’m so sorry guys. Please don’t ever forget me because I will never forget you.” She closed her eyes, but the salty tears still fell on her lap. She tried to comfort herself, but the thoughts in her mind still trailed back to her home. She curled her knees to her chest as she slowly rocked herself until she finally fell into a deep sleep filled with dreams of her friends, guild, and home.



“Listen up you Brats!” Master Makarov’s voice rang out through the second floor of the guild, catching everyone’s attention except for Natsu and Gray. Ezra quickly smacked the boys to stop their fighting. “I regret having to tell you that Lucy is not out on a mission as I told you Instead, she has quit the guild and will not be returning for an extensive period of time.”

Gasps ran through the crowd but someone’s loud voice yelled, “What!? How could you keep this from us!? We have to find her and make her change her mind!” Those words were from the one and only Natsu Dragneel. He stands to run towards the door, but he is smacked by the Master’s giant hand.

“Natsu you have to calm down, my boy and I doubt that you will find her. She already has a week’s head start. Besides, she does not want to be found. At least not yet.” explained the Master.

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