Rejection Denied

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My life has always been a challenge. Being alone in this world, I have to be fierce. I manage to survive life's struggles by relying on myself. And I wouldn't change a damn thing about it. That was until my 21st birthday… Abducted and forced to compete for my freedom, I get to put my survival skills to the test. The competition is held in the middle of the woods. I must survive the trials against eight other women, all of who are determined to win too. Fighting and winning aren't a problem. I'm a natural-born fighter. I haven't come across a man or woman who could beat me. My only problem is that my captor—a bastard with a black heart, is keeping a secret that will change my life forever. A secret that will affect me winning this damn thing and persuades me to rethink my life choices. Well, two can play that game. I have a secret of my own, one that sneaks up and bites everyone in the ass.

Fantasy / Action
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Authors Note

Thank you so much for choosing to read my novel Rejection Denied. This author's note is quick so bare with me.

😄NOW COMPLETE😄 So please enjoy.

If you have any questions please leave a comment. All of your questions will be answered. And if not let me know I'll be happy to answer them.

This is not your typical werewolf book. So clear your minds. Also, this book has a main plot (The competition), with the added mini-plots. I wanted to make this book last.

Think about your favorite tv show. There is the main storyline, but other stories are added to extend the show.

UPDATE -11/14/2020: I have posted the chapter that starts the competition. If you want to get to the main plot, after reading the chapter "Solved," you can skip to "Weeks Fly By..."


Aviry, my protagonist, is a VERY strong female and can be intense. So if you don't like EXPLICIT language or violence this may not be the book for you.

But, if you're ok with those things then please continue reading, and enjoy Rejection denied.


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