Fate and Destiny (The Fated Series, #2)

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Dark forces gather on every land every body of water, and with the world's fate in the hands of the newborn elementals and their allies, things just got a lot harder. Fauna thought she was done with playing the game of death, but it seems that the game has only begun and Darius doesn't like playing. Choices must be made, and with his heart split in two, he doesn't know if he'll have the time to choose either. Rohana Nicoletti grew up with one thought on her mind. Fight until the very end, but how do you fight when everything around you goes dark? How can her sisters in arms count on her to lead them in the right direction, when she can't see where her next step is taking her? Hiraeth Koranyl doesn't exist, and yet here she is, a lion hidden in plain sight waiting for the moment to pounce on her clueless prey. She's been there for nearly four decades, but no one would know - not even Hiraeth herself - as they always seem to forget how she came there in the first place. Time's running out, the clock ticking faster as Xaxias and his followers multiply, though one seems to be more a puppet than a compliant mind. The forces of good are outnumbered and meek with their minds elsewhere, and though they're willing to give their lives to save every piece of home that they can, one of them has one last calling card to play, and it might just be enough to begin the war.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Hey everyone! Thanks for being patient. Here’s a small teaser quote by Fauna from the sequel as a thank you!!! Let me know if you guys would like some more, and I’ll add a few.

"I am a monster.”

“And what does a monster look like? When you hear the word monster, what’s the first image that pops into your head? Sharp teeth? Long claws? Red and black eyes with two slits for a nose? Why is that those must be the characteristics of a monster and not the characteristics of a long-forgotten definition of beauty?”

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