School of Necromancy The Silver Flame Necromancer

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This is book 1. There may be more books in the future, so please read in order. Also, most of the chapters are short, so please excuse that. Thanks. This story is about a boy named Ren who has no necromancy. He's invited to a school and gets an amazing necromancy. Later during a tournament, a necromancer invades called the Silver Flame Necromancer. Join Ren and his friends during this amazing journey.

Fantasy / Action
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Letter of a Lifetime

13-year-old Ren was at his house watching videos of the famous necromancer One Touch. One-Touch was a necromancer who was a master at Matter Necromancy. A single touch from him and you would turn to matter. Ren has beautiful blond hair and sky blue eyes. He wanted to be a famous necromancer just like One Touch, but he didn’t know any necromancy. Suddenly Ren’s dad came in with a piece of paper. “Son! You were invited to the School of Necromancy!” he shouted while showing him the letter. “But how did they even find out about me, I don’t even know any necromancy?!” he asked. “It says here that they see a great power inside of you!” The School of Necromancy is the most prestigious school. It’s also where One Touch went to high school.

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