Only Human

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Chapter 8

"Hey Talon, it's Rowena. Do you have that back room free tonight?" I ask.

"Actually we do. You want me to put you down for it?" He asks sounding a bit flat.

"Yes please. What's wrong hun?" I ask.

"I fucked up again. Gemma is going to hate me when she wakes up."

"Oh no. What happened this time?"

"We had a good night and we kinda... you know." Oh. "But I forgot to close the curtains in my room. She's got first degree burns on her because I'm an idiot." I laugh. I cant help it hes so cute.

"Is that it?"

"What do you mean is that it? Is that not enough?" He shouts.

"I have done the same multiple times. Once she started smoking. Give her some blood she'll heal up no problem." I say. "She probably won't let you live it down but she knows she should have been light tight before sleeping."

"But I hurt her." He is too sweet for words.

"Has she called to yell at you?" I ask

"No, it's day time."

"It's four in the afternoon. She's up. Call her apologize and all will be forgiven"

"Ok... I'll try."

"Oh, don't use the words smell, bacon or hamburger if you value your life." I say making Nevan laugh from beside me. Even Talon relaxes enough to chuckle.

"Thanks Rowena. Your table is all set up for you for seven."

"Thank you. I have a double hot date tonight."

"Atta girl. Your Papa Ezra said you found a mate good for you."

"Actually two but keep that under your hat. I haven't told them yet." I say.

"Just like mama eh?"

"I'm not going to comment on that." I say making him laugh. "Bye."

Nevan kisses me goodbye before heading to his truck. I text Martell to tell him the time when I get a call from the police station.

"Hello?" I greet.

"Hello, this is officer Grey. We met today?"

"Yes, hello, officer."

"Could you come in to the station? We need to ask you a few questions."

"Of course." I don't trust this guy. "I'm on my way."

"Thank you." He hangs up and I immediately call home. Shit like this has happened before and last time Papa Ezra almost died.


"Hey Papa I've been called to the police station after giving my name and address to a supe officer. Get ready."

"Thank you mouse. Be careful. Message Nevan and Porter for back up."

"Got it. Also, I found another mate. He's my boss."

"Oh wow. Ok. Well I can't wait to meet him. I love you be safe."

"You too." We hang up and I call Nevan.

"Hey Ro. Everything ok?"

"I need backup. I got called in to the police station."

"Shit. On my way. I'll meet you out front. I'll call Porter to stay with your family."

"Thank you."

"Call your Martell too."

"He doesn't know about them yet."

"Shit. Ok. Well I will be there."

"See you soon."

I text Martell and Talon telling them whats going on and that I can't make it and head to the station.

I meet Nevan standing outside and we both walk in to the station. We are greeted by a blonde officer at the desk.

"Hello, how can I help you?" He says in a cheery voice.

"I got a call from a Officer Grey to come in?" I say.

"Oh, he just left actually." My stomach almost crashes to the ground and my heart feels like its in my throat.

"Oh ok. I'll be coming back later I guess. Thank you." I say politely and turn to the door trying not to run. Once I'm at the car I start to freak out. He's gone after them. My family is under attack and I'm not there. Martell pulls up beside me as I try to gain my composure.

"Whats going on?" He asks.

"A supe is after her family. He thinks he's doing the right thing. He's not." Nevan explains. He turns to me. "I'll give him the story. Head home we'll meet you there."

I hop in my beetle and speed home.

I pull into the driveway and see my front door broken in. This asshole is going to die if he thinks he can hurt my family. I pull my bag into my lap and armor up. I put blades in my waistband and my gun in my hand and make my way to the door just like Papa Luca taught me. Quiet like Papa Shadow. I clear the door as Nevan and Martell pull in. I press a finger to my lips. As they get out. I see a smile on Nevan's face and a shocked look on Martell's.

I clear the stairs and hear voices coming from the basement. I can only pray they don't catch me on the stairs. I've used the choke point to my advantage before. I smell blood before I make it to the bottom step.

I hug the corner with my back and duck my head in quick to get numbers and locations.

There are six supes that I don't know and officer Grey all huddled around my parents and Porter tied to chairs and bloody. Poor Papa Luca is strung up across the ceiling hanging unconscious. My blood boils.

"I dont know guys. I don't like this. They wouldn't raise a human girl for ten years if they were evil." This comes from the guy beside Grey. He may live. For now.

I take the biggest guy out first. Bullet to the head. I get the next one before the first hits the ground. They rest turn as I hit the next. Three down four to go.

"I've killed half of you before you even noticed I'm here. Who wants to play test the human?" I say in a calm voice. "Grey. I told you not to come here. You are not welcome in my home." I step closer and watch them hesitate to raise their weapons. Good. "Why did you hurt my family?"

"I told you these monsters can't have a family. They are evil." He spits.

"Look who's talking. You lied to separate a girl from her family so you could break into her home and beat and string up her family. Sounds pretty evil to me." I say.

"She has a point." The guy next to him says. I flick my eyes to his ice blue ones and feel the bolt of lightning in my soul.

"Mate." He whispers. I snarl out my anger at this whole stupid situation. I see the other three raise their weapons at him. He nods to me. I see his hands adjust on his weapon. I shoot the gun out of Grey's hand and turn to shoot the other guy as I hear Grey scream. I hear my new mate shoot the last guy as I charge Grey. Brass knuckles on my hand I punch him right on the temple knocking him unconscious to the ground.

"Holy shit." I hear from the stairs. I turn and aim my gun hoping I don't make a mistake trusting my new mate armed at my back.

"Jesus! Announce yourselves!" I cry at Nevan and Martell who have their hands raised. I lower my weapon.

"Sorry, I came down and watched you take out that wolf with one fucking punch! I'm in shock a bit." Martell says with his hands still up. I take a breath and turn to the new guy.

"Are there any more of you?" I ask.

"No, you got us all." He says with a smirk.

"I wouldn't be too flirty right now. You helped hurt my family. You're lucky I noticed who you were. You had a one in two shot at not being killed first." I say glaring up at him. I see the hunger in his eyes. Great an adrenaline junkie. I pull a knife out of my waistband and start cutting my family free. My heart breaks with every slice of rope. I need to get my own place so I don't give out this address anymore. Nevan takes the knife from my hand.

"You're shaking, Ro. Let us help." I nod and step back. My vision is blurring with tears. As I look at my bloody family. I look at Papa Shadow those fuckers have him under a light. I turn off the light and am immediately wrapped in darkness.

"Oh my sweet! I am so proud of you." He says.

"Papa, are you ok?"

"I am tougher than I look my sweet." He chuckles. "Just like you." He turns and sees the state of his mates and I feel the pain in his darkness. He whips out his darkness coating the room. When he retracts it back into himself Papa Luca is on the floor and not dangling anymore and everyone is untied.

I hear a moan from behind me on the ground. Grey. I am on him immediately with rope. I hog tie him just like Papa Ezra taught me. Weird, I know but it works. I was tied up so often before my adoption I wanted to be able to escape if I needed to.

I hear a growl from behind me. I shake my head.

"Behave." I shoot back at my mates. I hear chuckles as I continue my work.

I create a handle and drag Grey across the floor roughly. I hear a dog whimper and smile. Good he's hurting. So is my family.

I glance up at my new mate who seems to be watching me in awe.

"I'm Rowena by the way." I say heaving the wolf to a thick pipe and tying him there.

"Hello, Rowena I'm Kane." He takes off his protective swat-like head gear. He's quite handsome. He's tall and strong with broad shoulders. He has white blonde hair. I narrow my eyes.

"Are you Fae?" I ask.

"Are you Human?" He responds making me smirk.

"I don't know anymore." I say honestly "watch him." and then I walk up the stairs to the kitchen. I head into Mama's medicine pantry. I grab some healing salves and a vial of wolfsbane oil. That dick isn't going to be shifting on my watch. I head down stairs and grab Grey's face roughly and pour the vial down his throat.

I hear a hiss from Nevan. Then I remember his family was taken by hunters. They probably used this.

"Shit. I'm so sorry hun. I can't have him shifting. I didn't think..." I explain.

"I know. I just hate that smell." He cuts in.

"You can head upstairs if you want. I can handle the rest." I offer with a hand on his shoulder. He nods his jaw clenched. I place a soft kiss on his lips and he holds me tightly.

"I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too." I whisper back and he heads upstairs. I watch him leave and get back to business. I start on Porter who got hurt protecting my family. I will be forever grateful to him. I smear the healing salve on a wound and watch as his whole body heals. He slowly wakes up.

"Hey little badass. You good?" He says grogily.

"I'm good." I smile. "Nevan's upstairs. He might need you. I used wolfsbane without thinking." He nods and heads up slowly. "Martell, can you help Porter up the stairs please?"

"Of course. I'll be right back though." He says looking at me like its a threat. I nod. Maybe it is.

I move down to Mama and smear the salve on her and Papa Shadow smears some on Papa Luca. They both heal and wake just as I get to Papa Ezra. Soon we are all together in a hug making sure everyone is whole and safe. Everyone is fine.

"What happened?" I ask.

"They were right outside after you hung up. I didn't have time to warn anyone." Papa Luca explains. "And they had some Fae warrior bastard. He was good." I hear a cough from over by Grey.

"Ya he's mate number three." I say as Papa Luca slithers up to him.

"Mate huh?" He says. I see a bit of fear seep into Kane's eyes. He looks at me like I'm going to save him. Nope. I fold my arms across my chest. "What stopped you from taking that kill shot on my wife?" My eyes go wide as I glare at Kane.

"I don't blindly follow orders sir. None of this seemed right. I'm not an assassin anymore." Kane says.

"Good answer. Welcome to the family." Papa Luca grins and wraps Kane up in a scaley hug. Kane looks terrified making me laugh. Papa releases him and we head to Grey.

Papa and I wait until the rest of the family is upstairs before we fall into interrogation mode. I backhand Grey.

He wakes with a grunt and scowls at us. We grin at him at the same time. I see Kane even take a step back. I step forward and Grey makes a straining noise making me laugh.

"Trying to shift already?" I ask. "That won't be happening for a while."

"What did you do to me you ungrateful bitch?" He spits. I step up to his face ignoring the growls and hiss from behind me.

"I told you before. Do not confuse your prejudices with concern for me." I hiss. "Now, I have a feeling you didn't hire all these men just to deal with my family for your own agenda. Who are you working for?"

Grey spits in my face hitting my cheek and grins. I nod as I wipe it off in one motion wipe and strike. I hit him in the throat. He coughs and wheezes for a bit.

"You wanna try that shit again?" I hiss.

"You don't scare me little human." He taunts.

"We will just have to correct that then. Human's scare me more than supes. You must not have met the right ones." I say. I take off my blouse. It's so nice I don't want it to get dirty. I hear an appreciative growl that turns into a gasp of horror as I turn my back to Kane. "Gifts from my birth parents." I explain.

"We took care of them." Papa Luca says with pride. Kane nods a grimace on his face.

I walk over to Grey sliding a knife from my waistband. I strike him across the face and he whimpers.

"Let's play a game Mouse." Papa Luca grins. "Everytime he doesn't answer one of your questions we slice him."

"I'm game. Kane, you got a strong stomach?" I ask.

"I've played this game before. I'm good if you are." He says with a wicked grin. I turn back to Grey who has blood pouring from his cheek.

"Who are you answering to?" I ask again. He is angry but he doesn't answer. I slice his chest nice and slowly hearing him hiss in pain.

"Who?" I ask again before he has time to recover. He still doesn't answer. I slice down the inside of his arm. Armpit to elbow causing him to scream and writhe against the ropes.

"Who?" Hes panting, hes so close. I slice his other arm from elbow to armpit this time.

"Fine! I work for the Order of the Sun. I planted the bomb. No one was supposed to find it."

"Why did you plant the bomb?" Kane asks.

"It was supposed to take out a building of vampires."

"Why vampires?"

"They are leeches. Unworthy of being loved by our queens. The bomb would have taken out the entire coven of two hundred."

I feel sick. Two hundred people. He would have killed two hundred innocent people. Papa puts his hand on my shoulder to steady me. I take a breath to steel myself.

"We need to talk to the queens soon." I say.

"Like the queens would listen to a human like you." He spits in derision.

"You never know. I'm not just any human apparently." I shrug.

"Now, is there anyone worth selling out to save your hide?" I ask.

"Devin. Devin Ryn. He's a light fae in charge of getting rid of some nest of Lesser Fae." Oh God. I met him at Tooth and Claw.

"Who else?" I demand I'm going to lose my lunch. I see something pass behind his eyes. He's planning something. I see a claw form on his hand and start to slice the ropes. Good. He thinks he's going to win. He'll tell us more.

"Where do you meet?" I ask.

"At The Pit. In the back room."

"When is the next meeting?"

"Tomorrow at midnight." He shifts a bit. Any minute now.

"And when is Devin's task happening?"

"Saturday. In the forest at the north end of the city." Where Nevan and I went to see his dragon.

"Wonderful. Thank you for your cooperation." I see victory in his eyes as I step towards him. I hear Kane and Papa shout.

Grey launches at me but I catch him mid shift with my knife under his chin and through his mouth. I stumble under his weight and scream as his claws dig into my chest as he dies on top of me. I watch the life leave him. Two hundred people.

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