Only Human

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Chapter 9

Everyone comes crashing down the stairs at the sound of my pain. I push the asshole off of me cursing up a storm that would make a sailor blush.

Suddenly he's off of me and I see Kane over me checking me over. His hand comes back bloody from the asshat.

There's shouting of my name coming from everywhere. I try to sit up but Kane pushes me back down.

"Hold on there Spitfire. Take it easy." Kane says stroking my face. "Lets get that salve on you and then you can get up and kick ass." I huff a laugh and regret it. Mama rushes over with the salve. Good, it's getting hard to breathe.

"That fucking asshat scratched me! I'll kill him again!" I seeth. Kane and my parents laugh.

"Fucking hell Ro!" Porter says. "I knew you were good but damn." I turn my head to look at him and hiss in pain. He's looking at Grey the almighty asshat. He looks pretty bad. Good. He deserved it. Nevan and Martell are beside me looking terrified.

"I'm getting cold. I should have kept my shirt on." I whine.

"She's getting a bit loopy." Mama chuckles in a strained way as she continues to spread the salve on my shoulder. I feel the burn of magic in my blood. He got me deep. "There sweetness. Give it a bit and you'll be right as rain. Stay down. Let your mates take care of you." She scolds.

"Oh no! What a nightmare!" I giggle.

"I forgot what that stuff does to her." Papa Ezra laughs. "Porter, you're going to want to film this."

"Das nu funneh." I slurr. That's a weird sound.

"She'll pass out soon. Then we can move her."

"I don wanna moo." I whine. "Did I get my shirt? I'm all warm." I snuggle in to Martell and feel him chuckle. I smack his arm to stop him from moving. Rude.

"What is on her back?" Martell hisses.

"Monsers did it." I mumble as the world goes dark.
I wake up warm and comfortable in my room. I groan as I move my shoulder is tight. What on earth did I do to it?

Oh right! Grey the Almighty Asshat. He scratched me. My family is safe. It was worth it.

I feel heavy. That's a new feeling. I like that salve but it does some wierd shit. I've never felt heavy before. I open my eyes and see why. I'm covered in sexy men. Oh no! Whats a girl to do?

Kick everyone out!

"Gooood Morning Vietnam!!!!" I shout startling everyone awake. I hear cackling from downstairs. Martell is holding his chest like he's having a heart attack. Nevan has fallen off the bed and poor Kane is on his feet prepared to fight Vietnam if he has to.

"Hellooo. How are you all this fine...." I check my bedside clock. Ten. "Evening." Kane recovers and throws his head back in a laugh.

"You're going to kill me aren't you?" He chuckles.

"Nah! I'll keep you alive... for now." I say.

"Please tell me thats not how you wake up every morning." Martell whines.

"No, sadly."

"This morning I woke up to her Papa beside me. The incubus. Don't trust her." Nevan says.

"Gotta keep you on your toes." I say jumping out of bed and heading to the closet. "Boss, I got clawed by an asshat today can I have the day off tomorrow?" I ask Martell. He shakes his head at my antics.

"If there was ever a reason for a sick day that would be it." He smiles sadly looking at my bare back. I have my bra on but other than my pants thats it.

"Don't look so sad." I say wrapping my arms around his middle.

"Sorry, I just hate that it happened to you."

"Do you guys know the whole story now?" I ask. "I told Nevan and his brother and I gave a short version to Kane."

"Ya we talked after you passed out. I told them everything. Even the book." Nevan confirms.

"I hate that book..." I mutter throwing on a tshirt that says "not today, Satan! ...I mean yes, boss." I slip my bra out of my sleeve like a ninja and put on jammy shorts with cookies on them like the siren I am.

"You should wear that shirt to work." Martell smirks.

"Don't tempt me. I'll do it." I grin. "You have no idea how many times I have been on the verge of saying 'fuck it' and going in ripped jeans and a shirt with swear words on it." I say honestly. Kane and Nevan laugh. Martell is trying to gage whether im joking or not. I'm totally not. I toss my hair up into a bun. "Well, I am starving I'm going to go make food." Nevan is up and out the door before I am. Someone likes my cooking.

"Trust me! You want her to cook!" He shouts. I smile feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Kane and Martell hover over me as I walk down the stairs. This has gotta stop. I swat them away and shoo them to the living room.

I walk to the kitchen and start collecting food to cook with. I dont know what im making yet. Time will tell.

"Good evening Mouse."

"Hi Papa. How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling much better. Thank you." He coils around me. "You should be resting though." I step out of his hold and head to the counter. I start chopping up garlic and vegetables.

"I'm hungry. I haven't eaten since this morning." I say. "I will head back to bed after I eat. I promise." He nods. "Is Papa Ezra around?"

"He is resting still. He had a rough time of it today." I hate Grey so damn much. I slam my knife down and take a deep breath. "He can't hurt us again mouse. You made sure of it." I nod.

"He deserved worse." I mutter.

"I don't disagree. But what's done is done." I slice up some chicken breasts. Looks like we're having a stir fry.

I'm still so angry. Mama sneaks up behind me and hands me my music. I lean into her.

"Thank you Mama. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine. I am even better now that you are awake and healed." She kisses my cheek making me smile.

"I'm so sorry." I whisper.

"You did nothing wrong." She says stroking my hair. "He did. Not you." I nod and she puts my earbuds in my ears and pats my hand. I put on a cheerful bouncy song and lose myself to the music.

I grab a big pot to make lots of rice. There's a lot of people who will want to eat. I heat up my wok and toss in oil. I add my chicken and seasonings. I dance while I make the sauce and the song changes to a soft piano ballad the song sounds sad but its about surviving and being strong. Its one of my favorites. I spin around to the stove and stir around the chicken making sure they cook thoroughly.

I hum the song as I chop up more veggies. The song changes again to an 80s rock ballad that makes me happy. I bounce and sway as I throw in the sauce and vegetables. I toss everything together. It smells almost perfect. I slosh some soya sauce and honey in and mix it together. Grabbing a spoon I taste a bit. Not quite. I add some more spices and some orange juice mix it and taste it again. Perfect. I catch Kane walking past and pull him over to taste test. I pull my earbuds out.

"Be my guinea pig." I say hovering a spoon in front of his mouth. He takes the bait and he closes his eyes and hums in satisfaction. Best compliment ever.

"Nevan and Porter were right. You are an amazing cook."

"Well thank you. I'm trying to open my own bakery but it's slow going." I admit.

"We'll get there." He makes me smile.

"I'm glad I didn't shoot you."

"I'm glad too." He laughs.

"So tell me about yourself. I know you were an assassin. But that's about it." I admit.

"Well, I'm a fall court warrior fae. I don't know my family, and yes I was an assassin. I am a mercenary now but I've been looking for something different for a while now." He confesses.

"What do you want to do?" I ask. He shakes his head. "I can't help if I don't know."

"I want to build things." He says sheepishly. "Like furniture, or houses."

"Why don't you get an apprenticeship then?" I offer. "I may know a guy." Kane looks at me with so much hope in his eyes it breaks my heart.

"That would be amazing. I've always wanted to build things."

"Ok, I'll talk with Cedar, hes a wood nymph. He should at least know someone."

"What about you? You don't want a restaurant?"

"No. Baking is what I want to do. It may change but for right now. I want to have a bakery." I start dishing up plates and set aside a plate for Papa Ezra. "Dinner!" I shout and Nevan and Porter come racing into the kitchen like children. Porter wins and gets the first plate.

"Thanks sis." He says and plants a kiss on the top of my head and I swat him off. He cackles his way into the dining room. Kane bumps Nevan out of the way and dips me giving me a chaste kiss on my lips and takes his plate to the dining room. My parents take their plates and Nevan scoops me into a steamy kiss.

"Thank you for cooking... and for letting us watch you cook." He grins at my blush. They watched me dance!

"Well, I didn't know you were there." I admit.

"Next time we'll join you." He promises. He saunters away with his plate.

Martell wraps his arms around me from behind and nuzzles into my neck humming.

"Your dinner is going to get cold."

"Im sure I will still enjoy it. I just want to hold you for a minute. I was so scared today. Too many times." I turn and reach up to his shoulders.

"I'm sorry for scaring you. I'll try not to be that exciting anymore. My Lara Croft days are over." He chuckles and kisses the tip of my nose. His firey eyes are filled with affection as he looks at me. I'm sure mine are the same. "I love your eyes."

"I love yours." He smiles and I wave off the compliment and give him a plate.
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