Only Human

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"So, I've contacted the Spider Queens." Papa Shadow says making all of us pause. "They only want to meet with Rowena. No one else." I can tell Papa is a pissed.

"No." Martell says like that's final.

"We can't not go." I say. "People are going to die. People are killing supes in their names. Grey said the bomb was supposed to kill two hundred vampires." I inform them. "And it's not just him. If I can help I'm going to."

My parents look at me with fear and pride. This is the right thing to do. I look at Nevan who looks uncertain. Kane is beaming at me. Martell is pissed. Porter is planning something.

"Porter, what are you thinking?" I ask.

"Just that it might be a test. You're supposed to be a queen. Maybe you should throw your weight around." He suggests.

"I like that plan. Bring your mates with you. Don't take no for an answer." Martell smiles in victory.

"We're asking for help though. I'm not going to ignore their request and then ask them for something." It doesn't feel right. I need to follow my gut.

"That is a good point. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." Mama agrees.

"But we can't send a little girl into the Spider Queens den!" Martell argues. I turn to him. Little girl? I know I'm short but come on!

"Did you forget that our beautiful mate killed five highly trained armed men today?" Kane asks arms folded. I raise my eyebrows at Martell. At least Kane has my back.

"That's clearly not what I meant. I just mean that the Queens are very formidable." Martell argues.

"Are we going to just ignore that fly joke?" Porter asks making Mama and me laugh.

"I need to trust my gut on this guys. Please. I will bring my phone so you can find me but I need to go in alone." I plead.

"Alright but if you're gone more than twenty minutes then we are going in after you." Nevan says firmly. Kane heartily agrees and Martell nods finally.

"Ok then we'll open the portal tom-" Papa Shadow starts but is cut off by an eruption of swirling mass of black and purple in the doorway to the kitchen. Shit. A portal.

A woman with long sleek dark hair and dark intense eyes wearing brown leather armor walks through the portal. No, not walk, crawl. The bottom half of her body is a great black scorpion. She is followed by two others who could be her sisters. They are all pointing spears at me. I don't have any weapons on me after passing out. Great.

Nevan, Martell, and Kane all gather in front of me protectively. Kane passes me a blade with a smirk. I feel better now. My parents surround my back. I'm protected from all sides.

"Presenting our Queen Sybella!" The first scorpion warrior announces. I straighten at the clattering of many feet. A beautiful woman with silver hair and the lower body of a black and violet tarantula steps out of the portal.

"Stand down ladies! She will kill you where you stand!" She scolds her warriors. It's nice to see someone has faith in me. She smiles warmly at me fangs hanging over her bottom lip. "Hello, my dear. It's nice to finally meet you." I smile back and step forward past my mates much to their vexation.

"Hello, Queen Sybella. It's nice to meet you too. How are you doing?" I ask. I have no idea how to talk to a spider queen. I hear a few chuckles from my parents. They should not be surprised by this.

"I am doing well. How are you? I hear you had a full day." She smiles.

"You could say that." I chuckle. She seems so nice and easy to talk to. Kind of like Mama. "Would you all like to come in and sit for this or am I going with you?" I ask.

"Would you mind joining us? Feel free to bring your circle with you. We're all family after all." She smiles. I can actually feel Martell relax beside me.

"Thank you very much."

"Of course. Just step through the portal and we will get started." She says stepping aside. Her scorpion guards step aside as well. I step through first followed by my family, mates included, Queen Sybella and the three scorpion guards.

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