Only Human

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Chapter 11

Walking through the portal is like walking through a cold, dark waterfall. It chills me to the bone but it's oddly comforting.

I step into a warm dark room. The walls look like they're hewn from a great black rock. There aren't any windows but it is lit with torches showing six more scorpion warriors surrounding two beautiful spider queens. One of the queens is hanging upside-down from the ceiling by a string of webbing her thin black and bright yellow body flexing as she bends to look at who is entering her home. Her blonde hair is tied into a bun at the base of her skull. She is stunning.

The other queen is dark featured with a black window body. She is slender with startling red eyes. She is a different kind of beautiful from her sisters but still gorgeous.

"Hello." I greet them.

"Well, hello little human." The black widow queen smiles showing her long pointed teeth. I smile back easily. I feel everyone come out of the portal behind me. I turn to count that everyone made it. Even the scorpion women and Queen Sybella. I turn back in time to see the golden queen drop gracefully onto the stone floor.

"My sisters, this is the woman from my vision, Queen Reyna. She asked for an audience." Sybella smiles at me. "Please have a seat." I walk over to one of the rock stools and sit politely.

"I am Verena, and this is our sister Amara." The black widow queen says settling her spider-like abdomen onto a stone stool as well. "I am very glad to meet you." She smiles with her dangerous teeth showing again.

"I wish it was with better news to be honest. I met a supe today who was a part of a group that is killing other supes in your names. Had I not found the bomb he would have killed two hundred sleeping vampires. There are plans in motion to kill a group of Fae on Saturday as well." I can feel the queens' fury.

"What is this group?" Verena asks.

"The order of the sun." I reply.

"These assholes again!?" Amara shouts pacing. The clicking of her legs hitting the stone almost musical. Amara looks up at my family suddenly. "Why is there only three mates here? Where is your fourth?"

"I've only met three."

"Oh Amara don't worry. He's on his way." Sybella says waving off her worry and my anxiety. I'm going to have to buy a house sooner rather than later.

"He better! I want her to seal her bonds soon." Amara pouts folding her arms across her chest.

"Seal my bonds?" I ask.

"Sex sweetness." Mama provides making my face go red and making my mates chuckle.

"Oh." I shake my head. "Back to the Order of the Sun!"

"Yes, well. We will be marking you once you seal your bonds with all four of your mates. That will give you your long life and your... durability." Verena states. "Until then. You are quite vulnerable im afraid. We will help you how we can. Do you know when there is a meeting for this order?"

"T-tomorrow at midnight in the backroom of The Pit." I provide.

"Excellent. We will meet you there and we will handle the problem together." Verena says showing her teeth again in a vicious smile.

"For now, let's get you back to your home to rest. Sybella tells us you've had quite the day. Get to The Pit for eleven and we will meet you there." Arama commands.

"Prepare for war." Verena warns. I nod firmly. The spider queens each give me and my family hugs making me smile. Sybella opens another portal sending one of her scorpion warriors through with us.

We walk through and into our warm home I immediately relax and am swept up into Martell's arms and taken to bed. It's already two in the morning and I have school at ten. I find sleep quickly surrounded by my mates but it is glaringly obvious that we need a bigger bed.

"Sleep. We'll worry about it later." Nevan says gently as I doze off.

I wake up to the sun shining through my window. Its eight o'clock and time to get ready for class. I untangle myself from the strong warm limbs of my mates and head for the shower. They all look so tired I don't want to wake them.

I walk into my room after my shower wrapped in a towel. I'm putting on my panties when I hear a purring noise from behind me. I turn around to see Kane with a hungry look in his eyes. He stands up and prowls towards me.

"You know, I never thought I would have a mate. And now I have a kind, deadly, and beautiful woman to share my life with. I can't tell you how happy that makes me." He smiles nuzzling into my hair. I tug his head down to meet his lips with mine. His lips are soft and sweet and he kisses me like he is basking in me.

He presses his body against mine pushing me against my dresser making me moan against him. He growls as he slides his rough hands up the bare sides of my torso. He doesn't hesitate touching my scars which makes me feel less self conscious about them. I dig my hands through his silky white hair my towel forgotten on the floor. I hear two appreciative growls from the bed making me smile against Kane's lips. Soon I have Martell beside me trailing hot fingers down my shoulder and Kane grinding his hips into mine. Oh these guys are going to kill me in the best way. I look to the bed and see Nevan rubbing himself through his pants as he watches us.

Kane and Martell trail kisses down my neck and each latch their mouths over my exposed nipples. I let out a whimper and squeeze my thighs together begging for release.

Nevan makes his way to us and slips one hand to lean my head back to kiss him. His other hand wraps around my hips dipping into the front of my panties. His thick fingers make their way down the lips of my pussy making all three groan their appreciation.

I feel Kane's hand caress up the back of my thigh to my ass squeezing and rubbing the globes of my ass. At the same time Kane's hand sneaks up between my thighs and inserting a finger in my pussy as Nevan rubs my clit. I moan at their attention and let my hands wander over them grasping and stroking as I lose control of myself completely. Nevan presses my clit as Kane curls his fingers inside me and Martell pushes his finger into my ass. I lose my mind to bliss as I climax between them. My body shaking and heart pounding as I come down from my orgasm.

"That was beautiful my love." Martell smiles up at me removing himself from me. The others hum their agreement. Holy Hannah!

"You're not too bad yourselves." I smirk as my alarm goes off. Already nine o'clock.

"I gotta go!" I laugh putting my bra on much to my dismay.

"Where are you going?" Kane asks.

"I have class today." I shrug apologetically. "I'll be done by two though." I shimmy into some jeans and find an appropriate shirt for the day. It says "I'm no cactus expert but I know a prick when I see one." I braid my hair and slip on my shoes. I plant a kiss on each of their cheeks after fumbling with my bag and phone and jog down the stairs.

"There are more of those scones in the fridge!" I call over my shoulder. I see Porter passed out on the couch and throw a blanket over him as I pass.
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