Only Human

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Chapter 12

I'm still reeling from our morning grope session as I sit down in class. Geoff drops down into his seat and slumps forward banging his head on the desk.

"That good huh?" I ask. He groans as he turns his head to look at me.

"Girls suck." He pouts. Awe, I guess his date didn't go well.

"Only if you're lucky." I grin. He fights his smile but I win in the end.

"Ok, that was a good one." He admits with a chuckle.

"Damn right it is. I take it your date didn't go well?"

"No, she stood me up."

"That sucks. I'm sorry." I offer. He just shrugs and pulls out his books as the professor arrives. We settle into our work and I feel eyes on me making the back of my neck itch. After the shitshow that was yesterday I can't afford to ignore it. I look around and don't see anything but I still feel it.

I wait until one thirty to make my move and get up to go to the bathroom. I take my bag with me and walk calmly out of the classroom. I feel the gaze as I walk down the hall. I fiddle in my bag as I walk. To an outsider it looks like I'm looking for something but in reality I'm storing a stilleto knife up my sleeve, calling my mates and grabbing my pepper spray. Laugh if you want but even the strongest supes have eyes as a weak spot. I'll take any and every advantage I can get.

The eyes are still burning into me as I turn the corner and stop. I press myself against the alcove beside a water fountain out of view and wait.

A tall gangly man with blonde stringy hair walks right past me and then curses under his breath.

"Just what I fucking need..." he mutters turning around and seeing me leaning casually against the wall. He stops dead in his tracks as he takes in my stance.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" I ask with a smirk watching his body for movement. I watch him grin a predatory grin. I really hope the call went through and my mates can find me.

"Hello little human. I heard you've been quite the little pain in the ass." He says stepping toward me.

"I usually am. You may have to narrow down who I was being a pain in the ass to." I smile sweetly standing my ground as he stalks towards me. The fact that I'm not backing down is making him angry. I see his teeth lengthening as he starts to shift. Wolf. Of course he is. "Let me guess, you're a part of Grey's pack. Are you involved with the Order too?" I ask. He snarls at me. I'm going to take that as a yes.

I drop the blade out of my sleeve and ready my stance for a fight with a goddamned wolf. I watch him tense up readying himself to launch himself at me. I wait until he's in the air before run forward and slide on my knees letting his momentum carry my blade through his stomach.

I have mixed feelings about this course of action. On the one hand he's dead, and I am unharmed which rarely ever happens. On the other hand I am below him when his blood and heavier things spill out of him and he falls to the ground. It smells awful. Well, what's done is done and there is now a full grey wolf bleeding on top of me in the middle of the hallway. Way to go Rowena!

I try to calm down and push him off of me. God damn he's heavy! Suddenly he gets lighter and is pulled off me. I look up to see cool grey eyes that shoot warmth and electricity through my body. Another mate.

"You are something to behold." He says making me laugh. I'm not sure wether he means it as a compliment or just an observation because I am a gory mess.

"Thanks for helping." I say sitting up. "That bastard was heavy." He smirks at that and I finally get a good look at him. He's huge! Like six foot five at least and built like a warrior. He has dark wild hair that falls to his shoulders. I'm going to have to send the queens a gift thanking her for all my very handsome mates. They seem pretty carnivorous so maybe not a fruit basket.

"I'm Adler, what is my beautiful mate's name?" He asks offering his hand to help me stand. I take it.

"Rowena."I smile then let it fall a bit. "I should probably warn you that I have more than one mate." His thick eyebrows climb his forehead in shock. "Ya, it's rather new to me as well. A few days ago I didn't know humans got mates but here we are."

"I knew you were important but I didn't realize... how many?" He asks.

"Three other than you. They are good men."

"Good. As long as you are safe and happy that's all that matters to me." He says looking down at me with affection. "Let's get you and this mess cleaned up."

"Deal." I smile as I walk to my bag and return my pepper spray. I wipe the gore off my blade on my already messy shirt before throwing it in there too. I hear a cacophony of foot steps coming towards us in a hurry. I take my knife right back out again and ready myself. Adler stands beside me hunkered down in a fighting stance as well.

The footsteps are almost here. I'm on the balls of me feet ready to spring into action.

"It says she should be right here!" Nevan says. I instantly relax and rest a hand on Adler's massive shoulder.

"It's ok, these are my other mates." I smile. "Guys, turn the corner." I call to them. I hear them chuckle as the round the corner and come into view. "Guys, this is Adler, my mate. Adler, these are my other mates, Nevan, Martell, and Kane."

"Hey, I'm glad you're here. You guys can help me clean up our mate's kill." He grins at me proudly. Another warrior, it's not like we won't need one.

"It's so hot when she fights..." Kane says with a shiver making me laugh. "Alright, my bloody queen, go get cleaned up we will take care of the wolf." He places a kiss on the top of my head.

"Thank you for calling us." Nevan says kissing the top of my head too. Maybe that's the cleanest part of me.

"Are you hurt? I thought you said no more lara croft days." Martell says.

"Did you want me to not to fight?" I ask him.

"Well, no but..." he seems to not have an argument so I take over.

"And I said I will try, but considering how we have a battle tonight with the queens i dont think it's very practical." I say folding my arms across my chest.

"You're right. I'm sorry, I just get so worried about you." He says coming in for a hug. I whirl out of reach.

"Wait until I'm clean." I warn.

"Fine. But hurry." He smiles. I give him a saucy salute and run into the bathroom.
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