Only Human

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Chapter 15

I snuggle into the arms of Nevan and Kane enjoying their comfort and warmth. I let my fingers trail up over Kane's arm up to his shoulder. I marvel at his bobbing adam's apple as I stroke up the column of his neck to his jaw.

I hum in pleasure as Nevan rubs his rough hands up my thigh and over my body. He peppers kisses all over my shoulders as I continue to tease Kane.

"You guys are going to keep me busy aren't you?" I ask.

"Only if you're good." Kane smirks and glances at Nevan over my shoulder.

"Have you been good my mate?" Nevan whispers against my neck while his hands move to a more exciting location.

I try to talk but it just comes out as a whimper as Kane flicks a nipple and Nevan strokes a finger through the lips of my pussy. My god.

"I don't know she did leave us all with blueballs this morning..." Kane trails off while his rough hands kneed my breasts. I fumble to undo the top of his jeans but somehow manage desperate to relieve those blue balls.

"True. But she's here now." Nevan counters thrusting a finger into me making me gasp. Kane catches my mouth with his letting out a moan at the contact. Nevan pounds away at me with his fingers while Kane and I feel eachothers bodies. I rub my ass on Nevans hard cock making him groan. I don't know when he got naked but I approve. Soon I am flipped onto my hands and knees over a delighted looking Kane. Nevan is behind me running his hands over my back and grabbing my waist.

Nevan leans over me covering me in his tattooed body and whispers in my ear.

"Take care of your other mate." My eyes meet Kanes and I lower my face to his proud erection and take him inside my mouth. At the same time Nevan enters me and I moan around the dick in my mouth causing Kane and Nevan to swear. I slide down Kane with every thrust Nevan gives me and I can't help but cry out as I come.

Kane threads his hands into my hair and holds me to him as he pumps his seed down my throat. Nevan is still pumping into me making me clench around him.

Kane releases me and I swallow his release as I feel another orgasm building. Kane starts kissing me and massaging my breasts as I get closer and closer to my release. His hand drifts lower and presses on my clit as Nevan spills into me and I cry out my bliss. I feel the warmth of the bond spreading through me as Nevan pulls out of me with a kiss and he places me on top of Kane.

Kane thrusts up to meet me and holds me to him as he gently takes me. I didn't expect such a rough man to be so gentle with me. I moan and whimper as he pushes in and out of me and Nevan kisses down my back. Kane speeds up and I build up and shatter over him as he fills me and I feel the bond again.

"Are you ok?" Kane asks stroking a rough hand against my cheek.

"Perfect." I say sleepily. Nevan pulls me down on my side sandwiched between them again and I drift to sleep.

I distantly feel another body join us and I mumble about getting a bigger bed in our new place.

I wake up just as the sun is setting and take yet another shower but this one is lonely and filled with less gore. The warmth of the three bonds warms me up making me smile. I feel different. It's a good different but still different. I throw on some leggings and a tshirt that says "queens be slayin". It's kind of perfect.

I tie my hair into a braid as I make my way down to the basement. I find my parents all loading up with weapons. Papa Ezra sees me first because of course.

"Look at our little girl! You look almost all bonded!" He sighs proudly. Damn incubi...

"Stahp!" I whine. "We could have just not addressed this at all."

"But now we can't." He says smugly making the rest of my family laugh. I grumble my way over to the weapons and holsters.

"I like your shirt sweetness." Mama chuckles.

"Thank you. Believe it or not I didn't think I would have the perfect occasion for it when I bought it." I laugh as I load my guns and sheath my knives.

"I'm so proud of my little mouse loading up like a pro." Papa Luca beams. I roll my eyes but laugh.

"Where are your mates?" Papa Shadow asks.

"Still sleeping. I should probably go wake them up now anyway. I just wanted some time with you guys before we have to go." I shrug.

"It will be fine sweets. Everything will be fine." Papa Shadow assures me wrapping me in his shadows. Once released im attacked by Mama who is sobbing into my hair and Papa Ezra who is rubbing soothing circles into our backs as we become tangled up into Papa Luca's embrace. I soak in the love.

I am so lucky.

I spend a few more minutes with my parents before grabbing a special weapon and making my way up to my room. I find a pile of mates waiting for me. My heart fills with love at the sight of them. Kane and Nevan are holding eachother where I was sleeping. Adler sleeping across their feet and Martell is sleeping sitting up against the headboard his head resting on his chest.

I bring up my watergun and aim.

"WAKE UP! YOU SLEPT IN! ITS TIME TO GO KILL SOME POWERHUNGRY ASSHOLES!!!" I manage to spray half way around the bed when I'm tackled to the ground laughing by Adler. I am unfortunately disarmed and my beautiful watergun is thrown down the hall with malice.

"Is this how you wake up your mates?" He growls.

"Not always. How was your sleep?" I ask giggling. I see Kane laughing as he gets up and walks away to get his clothes on.

My attention is brought back to Adler above me as he presses his lower body against mine. I wiggle underneath him desperate for him to give me some movement.

"You know what this means?" He asks.

"What?" I ask breathing heavy.

"You have to take it as good as you give it." He smiles. I bite my lower lip at all the delicious ideas rushing through my brain.

I bring up my feet to my butt and take out his elbow flipping us so I'm on top of him. I lean down so my mouth is sharing breath with him.

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