Only Human

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Chapter 16

I kiss Adler deeply as he growls against me. He flips us over again and spreads me out underneath him with a hungry look.

He takes me in weapons all over and groans. He thrusts against me through my leggings and I whimper. I pull at his shirt which he gladly discards giving me a view of stunning muscles and wicked scars. I lean up and kiss a few.

Adler pushes up my shirt and bra exposing my pebbled breasts.

"Martell, would you like to hold our beautiful mate while I fuck her?" Adler says not breaking eye contact with me. Oh dear lord, these men are going to kill me.

"Gladly." I hear Martell murmur at my head before trapping my arms above my head and straddling my hands. He's only in his boxers so I slip a hand up the leg and stroke him. He makes that beautiful sound again.

Adler thrusts against me again making me whimper again.

"Please." I breathe. Apparently this is what Adler wanted. I watch as he starts to undo my holsters but then stops with a smirk.

"I think we'll leave these on." He says. I dont know what his plan is when they are over my leggings.

I watch his muscles tense and then I feel his large hands stroking up my thighs to home base. My breath is coming out in pants that turn to a gasp as he rips my leggings apart opening me up to him. Oh God yes!

He pushes aside my panties and thrusts a finger into me and I let out a small cry at the sudden entry.

"Mmmm... so wet already." He rumbles. Before I know it his hand is gone and he enters me with his cock in a clean hard thrust.

My back arches as he pounds into me rough and hard. I try to move my hands to hang on to something but they are still being held by a very horny Martell. I can't think so I just grab a hold of his cock and move him with me. Martell is breathing heavily as he makes those amazing sounds and thrusts into my hands.

Adler grabs hold of my waist and continues hammering away at me. I hear two appreciative growls from around us but I can't focus. I feel my orgasm building and I cry out as Adler fucks me through it. My head is a mess as I feel Adler's pace quicken. I feel two hands that don't belong to Martell or Adler one pinches my nipple and one snakes its way to my clit and smacks it causing me to scream as I fall apart on Adler's coming cock. I feel my full bond blaze to life in my chest tears dripping out of my eyes as Martell comes on my hand.

I feel liquid heat pour down my body and see a dark blue design dance its way down my chest and arms. I don't see my legs but I know it's there too.

It's a delicate design of swirls and webs. It looks like lace dripping down my curves. I look up to see my mates have similar designs painting them. The lines are harsher and thicker than mine but you can tell they are meant to go together.

Tying us together. Forever bonded.

I lay there on the ground recovering from both the sex and the bond. Martell bends over my still pinned arms and kisses me pouring his feelings into it. I'm powerless not to return it with all my heart.

"Are you alright mate?" Adler asks. I smile up at him still a little delirious from my climax.

"I'm wonderful. How are you guys?" I ask looking at my mates around me.

"Happy." Adler smiles leaning in to kiss me. I nibble at his bottom lip and he growls and gives me another thrust for good measure making me gasp and arch into him.

"Horny." Kane smiles making Nevan laugh.

"Same." He agrees.

"We have to go though." Martell says ever the voice of reason. I gasp again as Adler slides out of me. It takes me a moment but I eventually get up. I look down and see my torn leggings hanging off my body.

I sigh and start unbuckling holsters and sheaths. Once we are all cleaned up, redressed and rearmed we head out to The Pit. My parents and Porter are in one van and my mates and I are in another.

The car ride is tense. Radiating with nerves, adrenaline and fear. I am so scared to go into battle with my family and my mates. What if someone gets hurt? What if I can't protect them all? I can't lose anyone. I won't make it.

"It will be fine Ro." Nevan says gently squeezing my hand. "We all know what we're getting into. We're all trained. Everyone will be fine."

I nod but don't say anything.

We pull into the dark dirt parking lot and all file out. We all rally around Papa Luca so we can try to hide his tail. It's futile but at least we're trying.

We step into the club and see a few very familiar women. The scorpion warriors and three queens stand tall sans arachnid body parts. They still have their deadly grace but they almost look human.

Amara charges forward and hugs my mates and I.

"I'm so happy you are all bonded now!" She cries like a woman fangirling over a ship. I mean I guess she kind of is.

"Let's get you marked before you get inside the meeting." Verena smiles down at me. All three queens surround me holding hands.

"All hail Queen Reyna." They say together. I feel a burst of fire split my body in two and I fall to the floor with a silent scream.
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