Only Human

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"She's ok. She's just just changing." Someone says out of the darkness.

Oh god damn this hurts! I can't move I can barely breathe! I notice the fire is going down. Leaving me

I take a chance at opening my eyes and everything seems clearer, crisper. I take in a shuddering breath. I force myself up off the ground and onto my feet. I feel good. Strong.

The queens are smiling at me like proud mama spiders. I look down at myself and find my regular old body with the dark blue mating bond weaving along my skin. I feel a warmth at the base of my skull and down my spine. Another bond?

"What is it?" I ask bringing my hand up to the back of my head.

"It's our mark. A spider dropping from her web." Verena smiles turning around showing her back through her halter top. I see her mark along her spine. There is a small sweet spider hanging from her web starting from her hair all the way down to the middle of her back. It's inky black and delicate with a bit of deadly mixed in.

"All hail Queen Reyna." Sybella smirks. I'm never going to get used to that. "Let's go."

Oh right! We have an order of jackasses to disband!

We make our way into the pub and all eyes turn to us. Some with curiosity and some with hostility. I see a great big banner with a symbol of a red setting sun with a black spider.

"Oh no! I told you we were late!" Kane pouts loudly. I can't help but smile at his joke.

"Who are you?" A man asks walking up to him. I see a glowing ice blue shape take form over him. Like a double exposure picture. A wolf. Again. I assume this is a side effect... maybe a perk from the queens' mark.

"We are looking for the order of the sun." Verena says politely.

"Don't know what you're talking about." He shrugs. Sybella steps forward and points to the giant banner hanging from the wall.

"Forgive us if we don't believe you." She smiles showing off her deadly pinchers.

"Who the hell are you?" He sneers. Oh boy. I can't help but smile as the three queens laugh.

I watch in awe as their legs bulge and split open like they can't contain their spider abdomen anymore. Their legs stretching out and raising them to their full towering heights.

Everyone in the room is staring wide-eyed and as one they are on the ground in a bow.

"Was that how I was supposed to greet you guys?" I whisper making Verena laugh loudly.

"No queen Reyna. You are our equal. They should bow to you too." As if hearing this they raise and bow to me en mass. God this is awkward.

"Now, where is the meeting?" She asks. The wolf from before leads us all to the back room Grey talked about.

It's a large wood paneled room with a stage packed with people. The queens step back and let me through first. I take a deep breath and wonder if everyone on my team is completely sane. Letting me address a delicate situation like this.

Still, these people are responsible for trying to bomb two hundred vampires and will do more if we don't stop them. Maybe we can talk it out? Convince them that they aren't actually doing the work of the Queens. Ah, fuck it. Let's give it a go.

I walk up to the stage and behind a podium trying not to pay too much attention to the eyes on me.

"Hello, everyone." I greet the crowd. I can feel the hostility coming off in waves. I glance at my mates who are grinning proudly at me. I take a deep breath and straighten my spine. "My name is Reyna. I have come to the realization that your order is targeting other supes under the belief that it is what our Queens want." I look over the crowd for confirmation.

"What's it to you human?" I hear shouted. A round of agreements and sneers follow.

"My family has been just some of the supes targeted. Because of this we talked with the Queens themselves. They do not agree. They made all of us, they love all of us." I reply.

"Why would our Queens talk with you? You're a human." A voice jabs.

"I'm.. " I hesitate. In for a penny in for a pound. "I am part of a prophecy from our queen Sybella. I am the long-lifed human queen." I hear a few gasps and a few growls. Clearly some people aren't happy about this. "I would like to repeat that your work is not approved of by the Queens."

"Well why aren't they here then?" A voice calls out.

"Actually we are." Verena says smoothly from the entrance behind the crowd. All three queens stand tall on eight legs and step forward. As if daring the crowd to argue.

I watch as most of the crowd bows to them and leave the room groveling their apologies. Unfortunately not everyone does. There are at least twenty people left behind and they look livid.

"These creatures you stand with aren't fit to live. They are abominations!" A tall thin man shouts. His face is red with anger and I see the overlay of another wolf around him.

Verena steps forward with a scowl.

"We made you all. We love you all. But we are not putting up with a stupid sibling rivalry." She states crossing her arms over her chest. I see Devin the fae from Tooth and Claw step forward standing across from me.

"And a human? Maybe you three aren't fit to rule over us." Devin says glaring at me.

"Excuse me?" I ask stepping up to him. "They made us all. Do you speak to your mother like that?" He rolls his eyes at me and swats me away like a fly sending me flying across the room. My face kills. Ow!

I get up to the sound of growls and shouts. I am getting pretty fed up with diplomacy. The fight between my family and the order is in full swing. Bastards started without me. Mama helps me to my feet and I spit blood out onto the ground before charging into the fray.
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