Only Human

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I palm my knives and slash at the nearest wolf who decided attacking Nevan would be a good idea. Not my fucking Mate! He can't even shift because we're in the middle of the city.

I grit my teeth and slit the throat of a supe trying to get the drop on Amara. You don't stab a queen in the back. There has to be a law against that. I see her vicious smile as she turns to see him fall to the ground in his blood.

"Thank you dear. Let's clean house." She winks.

"I'm much more comfortable doing this. You're doing the speeches next time." I laugh. She cackles pressing her back to mine. I see Kane is toying with a lion shifter and blocking the emergency exit. At least he's having fun.

A roar draws my attention to Adler and Papa Luca battling against three Fae. I see Papa Ezra fighting at Verna's side against a group of five supes. Sybella is hanging corpses from the ceiling for later. She looks up and winks at me.

Devin comes jumping in front of me weilding some deadly blades covered in blood. My heart stops. Who's hurt? Who did he get? My rage gets the better of my brain and I let loose and charge forward and he blocks my first strike slicing into my forearm. But he doesn't stop my second to his ribs. I feel the blade sink into him and I see the shock in his eyes and the blood in his mouth. The life leaves his eyes and I watch him crumple to the ground.

I look around and see where the blood came from.

"No." I whisper as my heart dies in my chest. Before I can think I am running to the large slumped and bloody figure on the ground. I slash and stab and fight my way to him. To my sweet Martell.

A giant of a man steps between me and my mate and I let out an anguished roar as I climb up his body and rip the head from his shoulders. Distantly I know I shouldn't be able to do that but I can't find the reason to care.

All I care about is getting to Martell. I need him. He needs me and no one is going to stand in my way.

I'm only feet away when I feel a knife graze my shoulder. I grab the hand attached to the knife and slam it down on my shoulder and revel in the sound of snapping bones. I bathe in the pained scream of my attacker. I turn and slide my knife up through his screaming mouth effectively shutting him up. Asshole.

I turn back and see my Martell. I fall to my knees in front of him. Hes gasping in pain unable to talk. That bastard put a knife through his throat. I try to cover it to keep pressure on his bubbling wound. He raises a hand to my cheek wiping a tear away as he lets out a rattling breath.

I see his beautiful firey copper eyes fade away and his body fall forward onto me his hand falling from my face. I let out a choked cry as my heart breaks and shrivels in my chest.

"No. No. No. No. No." I chant praying it will come true. That he will come back to me. That's when I hear a cruel laugh from behind me.

I break. I let go.

Something inside of me unleashes in rage and torment and grief. I feel it crawl across the floor of the room while I hold my dead mate in my arms.

I hear screams behind me. I feel it move past my family and the queens harmlessly. I feel it swallow everyone else. I devour them without mercy. No one showed any to the vampires that could have died, the countless supes that I couldn't help, to my incredible Martell.

Once everything is dead I sob into Martell's blood soaked chest. I gasp for air I don't deserve. I couldn't protect him. I should have been here at his side.

Devin deserved a slower death. I should have peeled the skin from his muscles. I should have drained the blood from his body. Wrenched his limbs apart while he screamed.

But I can't. It's over. I curl up on my side holding my beautiful Martell in my arms as the world fades away.


"Rowena hun."

"Wake up baby."

"Sweetness. They're gone."

"Mouse, come on hun. We need to go home."

"No." I whisper into the darkness. I feel myself being lifted by strong arms. I close my eyes not wanting to see a world without Martell in it.

My surroundings are pulled into darkness again. The sounds dull. And my heart fades to nothing. I'm never getting up. Hes never getting up.
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