Only Human

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"Ro, you have to get up. I get it but you have to get up." Porter.


"Your mates are worried about you."

"I can't."

"Come here short stuff." I feel him pull me onto his lap. "Talk to me."

"I didn't get to him in time. He died." My voice cracks.

"It's ok hun. You can't be expected to just be ok with this." He reassures me. "A lot of people died. But it's been two days you need to move past this. At least eat."

"I just... I can't. I know I need to but I just can't. Everything feels far away and impossible." I admit eyes still closed and I drift back into that safe darkness.

"How is she?" Gemma.

"Rough." Porter whispers over my head.

"I just don't understand. She's a warrior she's killed people before." Gemma says confused.

"She ripped a man's head off with her bare hands and then she dissolved the rest with her magic tar. She deserves to feel a little off." Porter defends.

"No offense, but you don't know her that well. She is unbreakable. Something else is going on."

"Like what? It's the only thing that it could be." Why is porter being so heartless? I know Martell and I weren't together very long but he's my mate. He has my heart and soul. "How are the guys doing?"


"Ya. Me too."

I hear a door slam open.

"I've had enough!" Mama proclaims.

"Shit, Sorscha, you scared the crap out of me." Gemma gasps.

"Sorry, but my baby is hurting and none of this makes sense." Mama brushes Gemma off. "Everyone out."

I hear shuffling and I'm moved again. The door closes with a click.

"Ok sweetness. It's time to talk." She says in her no nonsense tone. I open my eyes and somehow manage to sit on my own.

"He's dead." I whisper.



"Oh sweetheart." She wraps her arms around me and holds me close. "He's a kitsune baby. He has multiple lives. He's downstairs right as rain." I reel back to look at her face. I know mama wouldn't lie to me but...

"I saw him die. He was in my arms. I felt him die." I defend.

"Yes and then he came back after we moved you." She assures me.

"But... I... he..." I stammer. I feel the tears fall and my heart flicker to life.

"Martell!" She yells. I hear footsteps running up the stairs and to the door. The door is crashed open.

My brain can't process the beautiful image in front of me.

Martell is standing there. No blood. He's not gasping in pain. He's not crumpled on the ground. He's alive and moving towards me.

"You... you're... what?" I breathe.

"What's going on Sorscha?" He asks taking my wet face in his hands.

"She thought you were dead. That's what's been going on with her. She thought she didn't protect you all." Mama smiles.

"Oh, baby. I still have six more lives babe. You're not going to get rid of me that easily." He smiles at me but I see his eyes dampen. "This not eating and not being here with us is because you thought I was dead?"

"Well... you died. I was holding you and you died." I whisper. He takes me into a passionate kiss that restarts my heart.

"I love you." He says against my mouth holding me to him. "Lets get you some food now." I nod and stand on wobbly legs. Apparently he doesn't like that because he lifts me up cradling me in his arms. "I never did tell you what I was did I?" I shake my head with a chuckle as I cuddle into his chest. "That explains a lot." He chuckles.

He sits me at the table and leaves to get food but keeps in my eyesight the entire time.

"She's up." I hear whispered before im almost knocked off my chair. Nevan, Kane, and Adler are holding me in their arms.

"How did you get her up?" Adler asks.

"Crazy woman thought I was dead." Martell smiles warmly at me. "We never really talked about what I was. So she was grieving."

"Well that seals it. No one can die. I cant see you like that ever again." Kane states before pressing his lips to mine. I melt into him.

"Ok, enough of this. She needs to eat." Martell scolds. All three look disappointed and let go of me. They don't wander far though and that warms my heart.

"Did I hear that I dissolved people?" I ask suddenly. Kane and Adler are beaming at me. Nevan looks nervous. "I'll take that as a yes."

"It was crazy! You just screamed and then all our enemies were melting in front of us." Kane says excitedly. Frigging weirdo.

"No casualties of ours then?" I ask.

"A few cuts and bruises. We stitched up your arm but that's about it. Nothing permanent." Nevan smiles gently.

"Good." Martell sets a bowl of soup in front of me. I can't help but think about my first night here in this house. Everything good begins with soup.
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