Only Human

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Two years later...


I watch my beautiful mate twirl around in the kitchen of her new restaurant. She has four pots boiling on the stove each smelling like heaven.

I watch her full hips sway back and forth to the music as she chops vegetables. She bumps her hip off the counter.

"Oops. Sorry." She whispers as she turns. I let out a chuckle for someone so strong and deadly she still apologizes to furniture.

I glance at my watch, the guys should be here any minute now. Rowena wanted a date and she's been working on these new soups all day.

Kane has been loving his apprenticeship with Cedar's uncle. They make wooden boats. He loves it. You can see how happy he is. He is so different from when we first met.

Nevan is helping Porter and his mate out with our neice, Bailey. She is the cutest little green dragon I've ever seen in my few thousand years. Although I might be biased considering I'm her favorite.

Martell is trying to surprise Rowena with a critic coming to review her restaurant next week. He's planning on showing her the review in the paper. She's going to be so happy.

"Hey handsome." Rowena grins at me. "How was work?"

"It was good. The queens say hi. They're up to something though." I smile and lean through the order window for a kiss. She never turns away a kiss.

Rowena hoists herself onto the counter and takes my face in her delicate hands pressing her lips to mine and leaving me panting like always.

Queens, I love this woman. I can't wait to take her home.

"The guys should be here any minute now. Go wait at the the table." She grins. I see the mischievous gleam in her dark eyes. She's up to something.

The last time I saw that gleam was when she put shaving cream in Martell's towel while he was in the shower. It was hilarious.

"Hey Ro!" Nevan greets as he walks in with a beeming Kane.

"Hey! Go wait at the table I'll be out in a bit!" She grins. I leave her to her kitchen and make my way to the table she set aside for our date. I still can't believe she closed the restaurant for the night.

"I don't like that look in her eye." Kane mutters as we sit down.

"I was just thinking that." I chuckle. We pour out five glasses of wine like usual and wait.

It doesn't take long for Martell to join us in his usual stressed out state from the paper. Rowena traps him in a kiss to calm him down and focus on something else. Something important.

We watch as Rowena brings in bowl after bowl of soup. There are four different types but eight bowls. I think she went overboard again. She looks so cute in her little red apron.

"Ok. So I made you guys soups. The one you have is your own flavour. They're all on the menu now." She squeals excitedly.

She designed us all personal soups? I can't help the smile when I look down and see gumbo, my favorite.

I look around to see Nevan has a beef stew. Kane has a broccoli and cheese cream soup and Martell has a spicy minestrone. Our favorites.

We all go to stand up but she raises her hands to stop us.

"Hang on. I still have more surprises." She beams. Now I'm nervous and it looks like the others are too. "As you know, I am a firm believer that everything good starts with soup."

She takes her apron off and sits down. She has another of her ridiculous shirts on. She is so weird. I love her.

"What's with the shirt Ro?" Nevan asks. I look again at the shirt.

"This isn't a food baby." Martell reads. My eyes go wide.



"I'm pregnant!" She shouts bouncing up and down in her seat. Before I can think she is up and time in our arms. My heart is bursting in my chest. I'm going to be a dad. It doesn't matter if it's one of her other mates' child. My mate is having a baby and I am going to be a father. I never thought that would happen.

After we settle down I watch as she eats four bowls of soup to herself. I'm not the only one who notices either.

"Babe... are you really that hungry already?" Kane asks.

"Well I'm eating for five." She shrugs with a smirk.

"Five?" I ask.

"Five. The queens say I have a baby from each of you." She smiles. My heart soars. Shes in our arms again laughing and kissing each of us.

"So thats what the queens were up to..." I muse. Rowena throws back her head and laughs.

"Afraid so. I love you guys so much."
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