Only Human

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Chapter 3

I wake up to the sounds of hungover vampire. She's lucky I remembered to close my curtains last night. I get up and let her sleep through the worst of it. I head down for breakfast. I have the whole day to myself today. No classes, no work. Nothing. Well, I have to call the mechanic but thats all. Speaking of which no time like the present.

"Mr. Motors" greets a deep voice.

"Hi, I need someone to look at my car I think a belt is busted."

"Sure thing. Name?"




"It's Nevan. You found me this time." I hear the smile in his deep voice.

"I thought you were a tattoo artist."

"I'm helping my brother out today."

"Well thats nice of you." I commend.

"That's family. Am I going to see you today?"

"Depends on when you schedule in my appointment." I say. He laughs.

"I have a spot in an hour. Is that too soon?"

"That sounds perfect. I'll see you then."

"I'll find you next time." And we hang up.

I'm grinning like an idiot when I enter the kitchen. My family turns to look at me.

"I know that smile.... you met someone." Papa Ezra says. Of course he would know he's an incubus.

"Maybe. It's not for certain or anything he's just really cute and nice." I say going about making my breakfast. "I'm going to see him in an hour." I hear a gasp and I'm being rushed out of the room by mama and up to my room.

"You are not wearing that on a date!" Mama chides.

"It's not a date! He's going to fix my car!" I shout as I trip through my door.

"Well you still have to look nice!"

"If he's interested in me he's going to have to get used to what I look like!" I say.

"She's right my love." I hear from Papa Shadow. "He needs to get to know her. And she needs to get to know him."

"It's not like that! I just meant that you..."

"I know mama. But in my defense I'm still in my pajamas." I laugh. "But I am wearing jeans." Mama blushes pink as Papa Shadow and I laugh at her. She and Papa leave me to get ready.

She's in my head! Now I'm nervous. Ugh! I just grab a nice pair of jeans and one of my favorite shirts. It's blue and says 'in my defense, I was left unsupervised.' I put my hair up into a ponytail and put on some eyeliner so I look like I'm trying. I grab my purse and my sneakers and head out.

I get a call just as I pull into the parking lot. It's Mama worrying again.

"Don't worry you got this!" Mama greets me.

"Hello mama, long time no talk."

"Oh hush! You know we love you. I just wanted to wish you luck." She says as i get out of my car.

"Put papa Ezra on the phone Mama." I say

"Hello sweetie."

"Hi can you tell Mama to calm her hormones. I know she means well but she's going to hurt herself!" I say.

"I will." He says laughing

"Ok I gotta go! Love you guys. Bye"

"Bye! Sweetie! Good luck!" Mama shouts into the phone.

"Bye Mama!" I call shaking my head and laughing. I walk into the waiting room and see a large man at the counter. It's not Nevan but they look similar. Maybe it's his brother.

"Hi, what can I do for you?" He asks.

"Hi, I'm Rowena I have an appointment for my car." I said and he gives me a big smile.

"So you're Rowena! I'm Porter. My brother has said so much about you!" Hes speaking in a shout so someone can over hear us. Oh this is going to be fun. "Welcome to the family!"

"Got any embarrassing stories?" I shout. His grin gets impossibly bigger.

"Well there's the time with the goat!" He shouts as I see Nevan running from the back of the shop.

"A goat?! Do tell!" I shout. Nevan might not make it.

"Well when little Nevan was about ten he got his strung up by his pants on a goat's horns!" He shouts. " He was s--" he immediately gets cut off by a hand to his mouth.

"Darn. Just when it was getting good!" I laugh.

"You don't need to know that one. It's a family only story." Nevan says scowling at his brother.

"Well I was officially welcomed to the family. So it's only fair that I hear the rest." His brother looks like hes going to pee himself he's laughing so hard.

"Let's go see your car." He says leading the way to the parking lot. I laugh waving goodbye to Porter as I follow. "So you said you think its a belt?"

"Ya it started making a clicking noise on my way home yesterday." I say taking the lead to my beetle.

"Can you start it up?" I get in and turn the key. It starts up and that awful noise starts too.

"You're right. It sounds like a belt." He says with a grin.

"I know whats wrong I just don't have the tools or parts to fix it." I say.

"You know cars?" He says intrigued.

"A bit. I know enough to change a tire and my fluids and not get stuck on the side of the road." I admit.

"That's more than a lot of people." He says. I smile and I turn off the car.

"So... the goat..." He laughs and shakes his head.

"Nope! You're not hearing it from me."

"The way it was sounding it might be better if I did hear it from you."

"You might be right there. But that's not going to be the first story you hear."

"Fine." I relent. "So how old are you?"

"...old. You?" He evades. He probably doesn't know I know about supes. This will be fun.

"I'm a whole twenty years old. Ancient in the grand scheme of things..." I say smiling. He goes a bit quiet. "How old? Like my mom old?"

"Probably a bit older..." he shifts on his feet.

"That's impressive. Shes like 300 but don't tell her I said that. She still thinks I believe her lies that she's 150." I say casually. His brows furrow in confusion.

"Your friend last night... how old is she?" He asks.

"Moving on already? OK, but you're going to have to fight her boyfriend. I don't suggest it. He likes mazes." I wiggle my eyebrows at him. "She's only 85. But it's nice to have friends closer to my age." I wonder how long this is going to take him. He narrows his eyes at me.

"I'll be right back." He says and runs to the shop. I'm laughing when he comes out talking to his brother. I compose myself and put a finger to my lips as porter sees me giggling. He nods. Oh we're going to have so much fun together.

"How old did you say your mom was?" Nevan asks.

"I said she was 300. But that you couldn't tell her. She still believes I think she's 150. But that was a joke. If she thought she could get away with it she'd say 100 easily." I say with an easy smile leaning against the hood of my bug. "Why?"

"I .... thought it was funny so I thought Porter would enjoy this conversation." Thats a weird excuse.

"Awe thats nice of you." I say.

"Ya isn't he so thoughtful and not weird at all?" Porter chimes in earning a scowl from Nevan.

"You didn't answer my question, Nevan. Are you as old as my mom?" I ask ignoring the slight cough from Porter.

"Um no not quite that old." He says blushing a bit.

"So are we talking Gemma at 85 or like my Papa Luca at 150?" I ask. Poor Porter is turning purple. Nevan is still looking very confused. I start to take pity on them.

"I know about supes. But this was fun." I say with a shit-eating grin. Porter breaks hes holding himself up on Nevan hes laughing so hard. Even Nevan starts laughing.

"I didn't know what to do! It could have been you joking it could have been the truth! You're evil!" He says through laughter.

"I don't get to pull this often. So I had to take advantage of it." I explain. "Now how old are you?"

"Im 78." He laughs.

"Good! my family would tease me if you were older than them." I say

"So, your family is supes?" Porter asks.

"Yep. I'm adopted. The only human." I say.

"That's gotta be rough." Nevan says.

"No, my family is great. I would be dead without them." I say honestly. They look at me seriously then nod. "So. May I ask what kind of supe you are?"

"Ya. I guess I better now that we're mates. I'm a-"

"Hold up! Mates?" I ask cutting him off. His eyes go wide.

"You didn't know?" Nevan asks.

"No! I didn't think humans got mates!" I'm kind of panicking. "I know it's a good thing. But destined to be together before I know you is, in reality, pretty terrifying."

"Shit. Umm. Ok well how about we date and forget the mate thing?" He suggests. I nod.

"Ya... that sounds good. Good options. Oh God! You're going to want to meet my family!" That could go bad. My family is unconventional in every way.

"I thought you said you're family is great." Porter accuses.

"They are. But not everyone recognizes their awesomeness." I say with a grimace. "We will deal with that another day." I decide. "It's a heavy discussion. Trust me." I say when I see them try to argue.

"Ok. But I would like to meet them." Nevan says.

"Me too!" Porter chimes in.

"You will. If we're mates then we'll all have to meet." I say.

"Well lets start from the beginning. Would you like to go on a date this afternoon?" Asks Nevan. I smile.

"I would love to. Do I have to dress up?" I reply.

"No. I'm taking you rock climbing." He says with a grin.

"Yes!" I exclaim throwing my arms up.

"You have the best mate..." Porter says as he walks away.

"I think so." He says as I blush. "Let's get your car fixed." I drive it into the bay and hand him tools while he works. After about an hour my car is quiet again.

"Thank you." I say

"No, thank you. I've never had someone hand me the right tools before." He says with a laugh.

"They're hard to read." I say with a smile. I walk around to the front desk. "How much do I owe you?" I ask Porter.


"Bullshit. That's not how you run a business. How much do I owe you?" I insist.

"Aren't you a photographer? What do you know about running a business?" Porter says.

"I'm actually going to school for it." I say.

"Really? What are you going to do?" He asks.

"I'm opening up my own bakery." I say proudly. They both perk up at that.

"You cook?" Nevan asks. I chuckle.

"Yes I even went to school for it." I say.

"I thought you were only twenty? You went to school for cooking and now business?"

"I was homeschooled after ten and I tested out at sixteen. Then I went to cooking school." I say shyly paying Porter.

"Beautiful, smart, she can cook!" Nevan says.

"You should see me fight." I say wiggling my eyebrows. "When am I meeting you for rock-climbing? And do I need anything?" I see intrigue in his eyes checking whether I'm joking or not about the fighting.

"Can I pick you up?" He asks. I hesitate thinking it over. It's probably best to get it over with... but he needs a warning first i don't want to have to protect my family from my mate.

"Ok... BUT! You need to know things first. Do you have somewhere we can talk? Porter you're welcome to hear this too." Porter pumps his fist in the air.

"Let's go to the break room I don't have another appointment for another few hours." Porter says.

We head to the break room so I can tell my mate and his brother where I came from. I hope they're ok with it.

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