A Constellation's Past

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Our past defines who we are. It teaches us to be better; to be stronger. Even the strongest beings are shaped by it. It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, no one can outrun it. This is the life they lived before the Moon Gang killed the Lost Moon pack. This is A constellation's past. (Book 2 of The Constellation Wolf Series)

Fantasy / Action
A. Makkelie
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'Okay, Okay, let me go you big oaf.' Adam groaned as Aries released his arm and chuckled. 'You need to watch your sides. Leaving them unprotected will make you vunrable.' Aries said as he wiped his forehead with his shirt.

Adam glared at him. 'You don't say...'

Aries chuckled again as he shook his head. 'Don't be so bitter, Adam. It's not my fault that I'm stronger than you.'

Adam huffed as he shook his head. 'Yeah well, you do have an advantage over me since you are a fucking constellation and dad has been making your train everyday since mom's death.' The smile on his face disappeared as he looked at Adam and nodded.

'I'm sorry, Aries.' Adam said as he knew how much he was still hurting for their mother. He did too but Aries had it worse since he actually saw her getting ripped apart by the Alpha who lead the attack.

Aries clenched his jaw and nodded at him. 'What happened, happened, Adam. We can't change the past. All we can do is move forward and hope that nothing like that will ever happen again.'

As soon as he said that howles filled the air in the distance. Adam and Aries immediately ran to the packhouse.

Their father walked out of it as they arrived. 'The Wolf Moon pack is being attacked. Get ready, we leave immediately.' He commanded.

Aries and Adam both nodded and shifted into their wolf. Their dad did the same and howled into the air, signaling his warriors that they would go to fight.

He ran forward and Aries and Adam immediately followed. The warriors joined them immediately as well and they all ran towards the pack of Leo's parents. He truly hoped that they weren't too late.

Aries and Leo had become fast friends when Leo and his father came to the Fire Moon pack. Something inside of them both told them that their could trust each other completely and it wasn't until they both turned fifteen that they found out why.

They were the same.

They were both a embodiment of a constellation and everything made sense after their birthday. They had become like brothers and trusted each other with their life.

A constellation's existence is a lonely one, especially when you're the only one in your pack. Leo helped him more than anyone else could and he couldn't be more thankful for that.

Aries was pulled out of his thoughts as he heard the sound of growling and flesh ripping apart. The Wolf Moon pack wasn't a long run as their territories bordred each other and he knew by the sound that they were close.

He tensed as the smell of blood filled his nose and it spurred him on to run faster.

Another smell filled his nose and he grimaced as he immediately knew that this wasn't another pack, that attacked them, but rogues.

'Aries go to the packhouse.' His father linked him as they entered the fight. Aries didn't need to be told twice. He evaded the fighting wolves and killed three rogues in his way.

In front of the packhouse, a large black wolf fought with five rogues and he immediately knew that it was Leo.

Aries jumped on the back of a rogue and immedaitely ripped his head off. The rogue made a gorgling sound as he fell on the ground. The rogues looked at Aries and barred their teeth at him. Aries stood tall and barred his teeth as well. Leo and Aries looked at each other briefly, they both immedaitely knew what they had to do.

Almost instantly Aries jumped to the two on the right as Leo jumped to the two on the left.

Aries ripped the throat out of one of the rogues as Leo took another one down by crippling him and ripping off his head. The other rogue jumped on Leo's back.

Aries saw it and immediately pushed him off of Leo. The rogue yelped as he fell hard on the ground. The last rogue came up behind Aries and wanted to attack.

'Jump!' Leo linked him. Aries jumped over Leo and landed on the rogue who laid on the ground and put him out of his missery with one blow. Leo immediately jumped on the other one and burried his teeth in his neck. The rogue yelped and whined as he did everything to try and get Leo off of him.

Leo bit down harder and felt the life fade out of the rogue. Aries looked at him as Leo released the wolf who laid dead on the ground.

Aries and Leo looked at each other, but before they could do anything else Leo howled an agonizing howl that sent shivers down his spine.

Leo took off in a direction and Aries immediately followed him. He didn't know what was going on, but he had a feeling and he truly hoped that he was wrong. Leo didn't deserve to go through the same thing as he did with his mother.

A howl sounded through the air and all the rogues immediately ran off.

Leo ran towards two wolves that laid on the ground and Aries immediately stopped running as he saw who they were.

He whined as he saw the Alpha and Luna on the gound with their chest ripped open. Leo shifted into his human side. He fell on his knees and cried as he looked at his dead parents.

Aries slowly walked towards him and shifted as well. He laid a hand on his best friend's shoulder as a tear rolled down his own cheek as well.

The Alpha and Luna had always been there for him. When his mother was killed he always hid here from his father and they never judged him. They were the most kind Alpha and Luna that he had ever known and now they were gone. Killed by lowlives that didn't live for anything!

Leo balled his fists as he cried and Aries felt his skin starting to burn underneath his hand.

Aries looked at him and saw that a orange glow started to appear around his fists. 'Leo?' He asked softly.

'I'm going to kill every last one of them.' Leo spat as he looked at the bodies of his parents.

Aries clenched his jaw and looked at his father who also looked at him. He gave his son a small nod and Aries knew that his father was telling him, not to stop Leo.

'Need help?' Aries asked as he looked back at Leo.

Leo looked up at him as he got up from his knees. 'One day maybe, but this is something I have to do on my own.' Leo said with a hardness that Aries never expected from him.

Leo had always been kind and cheerful, to see him so cold and harsh is something that was knew to him.

'Do what you have to, Leo.' His father said as he walked towards the two males. 'I made a promise with your father to take care of the pack if something were to happen to him and I'm going to uphold that promise.' Aries clenched his jaw as he looked at his father. That could not be a good thing.

'Thank you, but you will not have that burden for long.' Leo said.

'It's not a burden my dear boy.' He said with a smile. Of course, it wasn't a burden as he loved power. Having two territories and packs gives him much more power.

Aries clenched his jaw as he looked at his dad. The Alpha also looked at him and grinned before he looked back at Leo.

'Be careful.' Aries said as he also looked back at Leo.

'I will, brother.' Leo said as he turned, shifted and ran into the woods.

'Take care of the wounded, burry the pack members that passed and dispose the bodies of the rogues.' His father immediately started to give out orders to all the pack warriors. Including the ones from the Wolf Moon pack.

'What is your plan, dad?' He turned back around and looked at Aries. 'To be the Alpha this pack needs.' He answered.

Aries growled as he walked closer to his dad. 'Leo is the Alpha of this pack.'

His dad snorted. 'Leo is a boy, he doesn't know what it's like to be an Alpha.'

'You have no right to...'

'Be careful what your next words are, Aries.' His dad intervened. 'I'm an Alpha. You are a boy that will never be an Alpha that any pack wants. I decide what happens here and you have no say in it.' He said as he got closer to his son and starred him down. Aries growled as he was forced to look away because his Alpha was demanding submission.

'Now be a good boy and help the warriors to clean up this mess.' The Alpha said with a satisfied smirk before he turned and walked away.

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