Mysterious Roommate

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" Only once when I was bullied he came out of nowhere and taught those bullies a lesson. Since then I used to follow him and convince him to befriend me. But he was so, so stubborn. He didn’t want it. Then one day while following him I...Oh! That was nothing, just an illusion. But it took me a lot of time to be friends with him.”

" Will you not tell her that you knew that I had powers?? “, Azrail asked.

" That was so clear that from far you could push those bullies. They were afraid of you so they lied and after a day they didn’t even remember anything and then they were so nice to me. I was a total nerd back in college so everyone bullied me but when I started to chase him they all treated me nicely. “, Allen said proudly.

" You guys are so lucky that you had a great time like going to college and meeting new people. I wish that I was as normal as you, Azrail. “, I said that with a low and sweet voice.

" It was not that great, he was always bullied and there were a lot of rumors about me. I too did not have a normal life. “, Azrail said.

" Don’t worry now we are with you, you can share everything with us. My college life was also not normal. I have had cancer since then. So I had to often visit doctors and get admitted. But after meeting Azrail my life did become a bit easier. I am sure that you will also feel that you are having a normal life with him. “, Allen said to me.

" Okay, then whatever your wish is I will surely try to fulfill it. If you want I can grant you two wishes. “, as I said the magical aura appeared again making the stone shine.

" Shoot! now he has two wishes. You should not say words carelessly. You still don’t know anything about the stone. Now what if you get into danger, you don’t know about the spirits and their will to get their wishes fulfilled... “, Azrail said disappointingly.

“But you will protect me, right?“, I asked hopefully.

The room was full of silence. We were just staring at each other but not with agony but only care and worry for the other was visible in each other’s eyes. Then Allen broke that silence by tripping a flower vase kept near the TV.

" Lilies!? Do you still...... no nothing.“, Allen half completed his sentence and quietly came and floated near the table.

Azrail was seeing him with his eyes open wide like he was angry or was he trying to hide something from me?

But I know that eventually, I will know everything so I won’t bother asking and making myself more confused with the whole situation.

“So, my powers, what are we gonna do about them?“, I asked.

“We will start from tomorrow morning. I will give you a call where to come.“, Azrail said.

“Okay! Now I am hungry. Azrail can you bring my food. Please!!“, Allen made a cute puppy face.

Azrail went towards his room. “Okay, listen this is very important but I cannot tell you in front of him so when the right time comes I will give you a signal to come to me and I will tell you. But keep in mind that Azrail should not know about this matter.“, Allen whispered to me.

I nodded as a sign of acceptance. What is it that he wants to tell me? I wish that it’s not something serious...

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