Mysterious Roommate

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Azrail came back empty-handed. “Why am I going in my room to bring food for you?“, he said and sat down beside me. “You are a spirit now. You don’t keep your snacks in my room anymore.”

“Then why did you went there in the first place? You forgot about it. AGAIN. Don’t blame me.“, Allen said and kept floating.

He was floating from here to there making me dizzy. April scolded him and ordered him to sit down. Allen again made a puppy face and slowly came down and sat on the table with his legs folded.

" This kid never learns. Table manners Allen! Table Manners! Sit in the front.”

Azrail was teaching Allen like he was his parent or a guardian.

“What are you thinking?“, Azrail asked me.

“Uhm! Nothing!“, I answered attentively.

“It’s just I envy you both. You guys are so close.”

“Hey! Don’t tell this in front of him he gets too much emotional.“, Allen whispered to me.

“Okay later about your friendship now back to business. Azrail is there anything else that I must know now?”

“Nothing for now. I will let you know.”

“Oh! I remember we need to one the power from now. The MIND READING power. It is for an emergency. If you get into trouble then I can find you by following the voice of your thoughts.“, he said in a hurry and serious tone.

I guess he is serious about the stone. I know that it is too early to learn something from an unknown source but I have to.

" Okay. It’s morning now, I have some unfinished works to submit. You can teach me in the evening. Is that okay?”

Allen was still seeing us like an attentive child. It was the first time I felt like family.

“Okay, this is the address. Enter from the VIP door and tell the staff that I called you and show them my business card.“, he wrote the address on the sticky note stuck on the fridge and slid the card on the table.

" Fine then I’ll come by 5.“, I said and took a glance at the card. Then I turned back and saw the broken vase. My favorite blue color vase with my favorite flowers is now broken. I was feeling a bit sad and sighed for the loss.

“I’m sorry Kara. I will be careful next time. As for the money for your loss........ Ask Azrail.“, Allen immediately pointed at Azrail who was busy washing the dishes.

I smiled a little and said that it’s okay, anyway I was going to replace the vase with a new shiny black color vase to match the color of the TV set.

Although I lied it was a fact, the color of the vase was not at all a match for the TV set. Our house is mostly of bright and light colors but I know that Azrail likes black.

I was still thinking about Him and staring at him with a small smile on my face.

Allen was enjoying the view of me seeing him. Honestly, Azrail was looking so cool and handsome wearing the kitchen cloth.

“Ahhh!“, I sighed.

“Uhm! Kara.”

I didn’t hear the first call.

“KARA...“, Allen said with a little high pitch and shaking me a little.

“What are thinking that made you drool?“, he had a naughty smile on his face and was teasing me.

I was caught. I cannot tell him that I was drooling over his best friend. He will think that my intentions are not good towards him.

So I said......

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