Mysterious Roommate

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I said, ” It’s nothing. I just wanted to have sweets. So the thought of sweets made me drool.”

“Sweets or Azrail?“, Allen said with eyes rolling on the side of Azrail.

“It is sweets. It’s just I need to eat sweets when I write my songs. They give me nice ideas.“, Although I lied I think he will believe me.

I have to clear my mind so that I can finish my work before 5.

But first I think I will clean up the broken pieces of the blue vase.

Even while working Azrail kept popping in my mind. I think I am obsessed with him. I wish I had a choice not to see him today.

The power we are to learn today is also too dangerous what if he will know what I am thinking and feeling about him.

Anyways I have to finish my work and get ready.

Finally, by 3 I completed my work and the email to the company. Now time to dress up. Wait why do I need to dress up, it’s not a date. I am going there to learn something new.

What am I thinking?

‘It’s okay Kara ... Calm down think about happy things...Azrail...... no not him ...... Sweets !!’

Leave it I should head towards the address.

At 4:45 at reached the café. As he instructed I went towards the VIP door and asked to staff to lead me towards the office as I showed them the business card.

It was a plain brown-themed café but it had a different feeling.

“Sir the person you mentioned has arrived.“, the staff member who led me towards the said.

“Azrail?“, someone was standing in front of me but I was not able to his face because of the curtains. I am sure that it is Azrail who is sitting on the chair in front.

I decided to go inside because I believe my instinct but why the shine of the atone is decreasing. Shouldn’t it shine more when I am near Azrail?

Everything about this stone is weird. As I started to walk towards the desk one of the staff members knocked on the door and said that their boss is waiting for me near the lounge.

I pointed towards the chair and to my surprise, the black shadow was no more. I followed the staff towards the lounge and saw him standing in front of me.

He called me to stand beside him and he grabbed my hand.

“Everyone comes here. I have an announcement to make. From now on I can give you more powers so that my thirst won’t appear soon and cause an accident. “, everyone started to clap and cheer as they can have a longer normal life.

One of the members asked,” Is she also a victim?”

Azrael looked at me and said, “No, she is the Lady Boss our my café.”

“Ohhhh!“, everyone shouted.

“But she is not a victim of VBT-01.“, he continued.

“So she is your......?“, one of another member asked.

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