Mysterious Roommate

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“Partner!“, he said and looked at me.

“Hmmm! Partner!!“, Allen appeared and started to tease us. Only me and Azrail can see and hear him.

“Azrail, please be specific, what type of partner? Why are you holding hands if she is your business partner and why can I hear everyone saying Lady Boss?“, Allen doesn’t leave a chance to tease us.

“Okay everyone back to work. We are opening soon.“, Azrail instructed everyone and whispered to me to follow him and gave a signal for the same to Allen.

We both followed him like his comrades.

We went back to his office to practice my first power ‘MIND READING’.

Azrail locked the door and told me to sit on the couch.

“Do you guys need some privacy? If yes I can leave. But I don’t want to miss this show.“, Allen said because Azrail locked the door and removed his coat.

Because of the dark, only a black silhouette was visible, thanks to Allen his spirit light made see things more clear.

" Al, you know why we need you here. So shut up your mouth or do you need me to bu.....”

“Okay! I am sorry don’t say that word. I will stand here quietly.”

“So let’s start!”

Finally, the moment has arrived.

“Let’s start from basic. Focus on your breath. Close your eyes and only listen to me.”

As he instructed I closed my eyes and only followed his voice.

Someone grabbed my hand but I did not dare open my eyes if Azrail will not tell me open them.

“Very good! You have passed the basic level. Now think about this stone, its structure, and think about your aura. Try to bring that aura from your will and not by thinking about uncomfortable things.”

As he said, I started to picture the stone golden color stone in my mind and the magical aura.

Soon in seconds, the aura appeared.

" Perfect! You are doing great. Now you have allowed the stone to fully power your body. Now if you will think about the stone and which power you want to use you can directly use it without thinking about your bad memories. As for your protection, the stone will now send a signal to you so that you can prepare yourself. ”

I could feel that my body temperature was rising. I guess it is because of the stone.

" Now slowly open your eyes and see me in eyes. Allen, you know what you have to do. ”

As he said I slowly opened my eyes and Allen came close to him so that I can see him.

“Concentrate and try to read my thoughts. Picture the stone and try to read them through my eyes.”

I again started to picture the stone and I can hear a low voice, audible but not clear.

I tried and hard then finally I was able to read them.

He was saying,” Congratulations! Now we have to practice it every day so that we can easily communicate with each other.”

I was so much excited that I hugged Azrail. It was my first time that I looked for something about my life.

“Okay! Now I am out of here. Bye guys enjoy.“, Allen said and disappeared into thin air.

I realized the reason and backed off. I thanked Azrail for teaching me to focus on my powers. Now we can communicate through thoughts.

“Oh right! You can also summon spirits. That is the spirit stone. Try calling Allen I have to teach him a lesson.”

As Azrail said I again started to focus and took Allen’s name and voila... He appeared.

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