Mysterious Roommate

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Now I can summon spirits by taking their names. That is so great.

“I know!“, Azrail said.

“Okay, now we need some rules. You cannot read my thoughts whenever you want. Only in case of emergencies, you can read them.“, I made this clear to him.

Allen said, “Wow! I am witnessing history. No one has ever, I mean, never ordered him. You are best Kara.” Allen gave me applause. Azrail again started to stare at Allen. Allen looked at me with a puppy face.

“Azrail why are you scaring the kid? Now it’s his time to scare everyone. Don’t scare him.“, I again ordered him.

It feels good to order someone.

“Hey! I am not a kid!!!“, Allen again made a babyface.

We all started to laugh and tease each other. Finally, now I have friends who are not normal but seem very much normal to me.

While teasing someone knocked on the door and disturbed us. It was someone from Azrail’s café. He said that someone is having issues with their coffee and are requesting to see the owner.

Azrail turned back picked up his coat and said, ”I will be back in a minute so keep an eye on the kid.” and left me and Allen inside.

“Did you hear he called you a kid again?!” I said to Allen as I pointed towards the door.

“He didn’t say anything.”

Did I just succeed in hearing his thoughts? Now can we also communicate like this?

“You might have heard his thoughts, right? Don’t scare me please.”

Allen looked quite scared. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity so I acted a bit in front of him.

“Oh, God! I think it wasn’t Allen!”

Allen got more scared and disappeared.

His face was like he saw a ghost. Wait! He is a ghost, so he is scared of the spirit in this condition!

I started to laugh and summoned him again.

“I was just kidding. I heard Azrail I am sure.”

“You cannot lie in this matter. Remember I wanted to tell you something.”

I nodded in agreement as I remembered he told me that he had something serious to talk about.

“When I used to follow Azrail, I sometimes used to see someone else following him. It was a dark silhouette, wearing a hat and a cape. He was too mysterious and scary. So one day I decided to follow him.....”

Again someone interrupted us.

Allen first floated to see who was it. I was still comfortably sitting on the couch waiting for Allen’s answer.

A minute passed by he didn’t return. Now is he trying to scare me? Again there was a knock on the door. The knocks started to increase. I started to think about the stone and tried to send messages to Azrail so that he can come and help me.

′ Bang!′ the door opened.

I closed my eyes as my reflex. Someone came running to me. I screamed in fear and jumped up on the couch.

I started to hear Azrail’s messages.

"Shhhh! It’s me.“, he covered my mouth with his hand.

It’s him.

“You almost gave me a heart attack.“, I said and hugged him as I was shivering from fear.

He comforted me by stroking my head.

The staff members were standing at the door as they heard a scream.

“Sorry to disturb you guys!“, they said ad rushed out and closed the door.

I was still hugging Azrail and didn’t let him go.

“AL... Allen..!! Where is he? He... He....“, I whispered and I was still shivering and almost wanted to cry from fear.

“Shhhh! It’s alright! I am here now. Everything is alright. Let’s stay like this for a mi ute. If you want.“, He kept stroking my head.

“Hmmm!“, I said and we both sat on the couch. I was still hugging him but now more tightly and firmly.

Now I felt a bit better after hugging him for like half an hour.

“You are awake!“, He said.

“What do mean by awake?“, I wondered.

“You were sleeping for four hours. It’s past 10 now.“, He said as he showed me time on his phone.

“I tried to leave but you didn’t let me. And you were sleeping so peacefully I did not dare to wake you up. I know that this the first time after the accident that you had a good sleep! I can tell that by your face.”

“I am sorry if I disturbed your work...!!“, I made the same puppy face that Allen used to make.

Wait! I forgot about him.

“Where is Allen?“, I asked him as I held both of his hands in a panic.

He started to again confront me and said, “You will never again see him!”

His face started to change. His hair and eye color started to change. His face looked like the sticky slim and then he melted. I jumped out of the couch and ran towards the door.

The door closed and was locked from outside. The melted Azrail became someone else. The silhouette of the man which Allen talked about.

He started to walk towards me.

As my heart was beating soo fast because of the danger in front of me, the stone on my neck started to shine brightly and a hole appeared and sucked me in and waked me up, again!

I was sitting beside Azrail and hugging him. I again jumped out of the couch and took my fighting stance.

Azrail opened his eyes in a panic because I slapped him to wake him up. The sorry handsome face but I have to.

“Read my thoughts now!!!“, I commanded with anger and worry.

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