Mysterious Roommate

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As I commanded I started to think about the breakfast we had together.

“You are thinking about this morning and now you are thinking about Allen breaking up the vase, satisfied?”

“OH thank God! It’s you!”

“What do me.....”

I hugged him again and kissed him on his forehead and started to call Allen in my head.

I hugged him and sat on his lap. I don’t care if someone shows up now and misunderstands or disturbs us. I won’t get up from his lap.


“Shhhhh! Just stay like this and don’t talk.”

He hugged me more tightly.

“Why do you have to call me at this moment? I don’t want to see you both being so lovey-dovey in front of me. I am dad please respect my choice. I cannot have a girlfriend now...!!”

We didn’t pay attention to him, even if I wanted to talk to him about my dream because he surely doesn’t want me to tell Azrail about that man.

" Okay! If that is what you want. Kara, I want my first wish to not allow you both to be so lovely in front of me.”

“Wish not granted!“, I murmured.

The stone again started to shine and rejected his wish.

“You still have two wishes now, use them wisely. I won’t give you another chance.”

I stood up from his laps and sat beside him.

“We are not as what you think. She had a nightmare so she was too scared.“, Azrail explained to Allen.

I want to talk to Allen about the knocks on the door and the dream but not in front of Azrail.

“Kara why were you so scared when I entered the room?”

I have to lie, again.

“Oh! It is because of Allen he called his ghost friends and played a prank on me.”

I am sorry Allen but to protect our secret I have to blame you. I hope you can understand.

“I am sorry Kara. I will not do it again. Azrail sorry to let you down.“, He looked sad but I know that he is thinking about the same thing I am thinking of.

“It’s okay! But don’t repeat your mistake and don’t scare away my customers from now on as your punishment.“, Azrail said to Allen and tapped his hands on the piece on the couch beside him asking Allen to sit beside him.

It was only 7. In my dream, it was 10. I hope this is reality and that dream will never become true.

Azrail told me to go back as it is late. He was going to spend the night at the café. I picked up my coat lying beside Allen and went out of the office.

I know that Allen will surely follow me and talk to me about my dream and those knocks on the door. We have the whole night to talk about it as Azrail is not going to come back.

I opened the door of my house and Allen jumped in front of me out of nowhere. “Don’t repeat it!“, I commanded.

Allen floated and sat on the couch. I followed and poured myself a glass of water.

“You met Him, right?“, Allen asked and turned towards me and saw with eyes full of worry and care.

I now know that the Hat Man is dangerous for Allen and Azrail and now I am also dragged in their fight.

But I will help them, even if I will lose myself. They have helped me a lot during these days. They made me feel the warmth of family and having someone to take care of.

I don’t remember the face of my parents bore I have a picture of them but I think I found myself a new family.

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