Mysterious Roommate

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“You met Him, right?”

“I don’t know but I saw him in my dream. If I didn’t have my stone then.....”

“Shhhhh! It’s okay. Now you are here. Remember the knocks on the door, no one was outside but I saw that man near the corner. He started to run away so I decided to follow him but when I reached the corner he disappeared. I decided to search the whole place but then I was struck by an unknown source and fainted. When you started to call me, a bright light shines in front of me, and then I saw you and Azrail sitting on the couch. What did you see in your dream? ”

I told everything to Allen and explained to him how I escaped from my dream.

Then Allen continued his story which was before interrupted by the knocks.

" So I decided to follow him and he went to an alley beside the old house of Azrail. I think he was following Azrail for years and this time when Azrail changed houses then somehow he lost the source which used to follow him. I guess it is because both the stones are together so the power has increased but now he has reached his café and entered your dream. I also have a secret that I have been hiding from Azrail. I was not in the last stage of cancer I didn’t have cancer but that man tried to take over my body. He knew that Azrail had a soft spot and that was me. He tried to approach him through me. ”

I guess that man tried to do the same with me but the stone saved me.

" How did you know that he tried to take over your body? “, I asked to confirm my doubts.

" The same way. He came to see me in my dream and said that I know about him which I should not so he will now use me to complete his mission. I guess he is after his powers, I suggest that you both should stay together so that both the stones can stay together and their power will increase but be careful and don’t tell Azrail. I don’t know about his mission. ”

" So is that the reason you stayed with him when he was at his lowest point? ”

" Hmm”, He nodded.

“If what you said is true then we should head towards the café and should observe his surroundings. Who knows that the man has already possessed someone from his staff or will enter the café as a customer.”

“I know, so I used to scare away his customers if I felt that they are suspicious.”

After having our small talk about the knocks and my dream we decided to go to the café.

After we reached the café we saw that he closed the café and locked the front door.

Allen said that he used to see a back door that leads straight to his office.

We divided to enter the café from the back door. It is likely the door from where that man used to or can enter. If I knew more about my powers or stone then I wish I can put a protective or guarding layer around the café.

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