Mysterious Roommate

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We headed towards the back gate. Wait a minute!

“Allen you are a spirit you can enter the café!!?“, I wonder why is he following me.

“To show you the way!“, He replied pointing towards the way that we need to take.

" Okay then! Lead me.“, I said and we continued to walk towards the back door.

“Honestly I don’t know why but I can’t enter the café!”

I stopped after listening. What? He can’t!! Something is wrong, I remember that spirits cannot enter Azrail’s room because he locked some of his powers or something so why did he do the same with his café??

" I can feel it is not the power of stone so etching else is blocking my way. We need to hurry.“, He said and we started to run towards the back door. I tried to hear Azrail’s thoughts but an unknown source is blocking the power of the stone.

As soon as we reached the door, to our surprise it was open.

But only Allen knows the key to open the back door. Azrail keeps it locked and only talked about this door to Allen and the location of the key.

There are only two possibilities: someone has escaped from the back or it is someone who has been keeping an eye on Azrail and Allen; the Black Hat Man.

I truly hope that I am wrong. I entered the café but Allen cannot.

I told him that I will search for Azrail and if the situation intensifies, I will tell Azrail everything on the spot.

I started to walk towards the office. Noone was there on my way to the office. Usually, there are cleaners and other staff managers but now it is as silent as a shell.

I entered the office but Noone was there. I searched the lounge, basement, and everywhere possible but I got nothing, only silence, and disappointment.

I sat on the chair near the lounge and reprocessed my thoughts. Now Azrail and everyone who has VBT-01 are missing. Azrail and I have a common link to our stones. According to him, they are a pair and I think if I will center my energy on the stone and stay focused then I might find Azrail.

But first I need to find a way to make Allen enter the café. I need his help. After Azrail only he knows about the stone. He might know a way to focus my energy.

As Azrail taught me I cleared my mind and started to picture the stone and requested the stone to summon Allen. I have the power to summon him. I hope the stone can tear the power of this unknown source. I focused more energy on the stone and finally, he appeared in front of me.

“Allen I think I know a way!“, I said.

“What the hell happened here? Where is everyone?”

“I need to focus all my power on the stone to find the other stone......“, I explained to Allen about my plan to find everyone.

“Kara I need to warn you about something. Azrail has told me about this thing. He said that if we focus more energy on the stone to find another pair then our life force will start to decrease, in other words, your expected years to live will start to decrease. The only way to recover the life force is the other stone. Only if both of them are together they can provide energy to each other, you know this rule about regaining power and energy.“, He was worried and concerned about me.

" Don’t worry I won’t join you soon in your journey of afterlife. Okay then let’s start. ”

" Wait! I want my first wish. Whatever it is you have to grant me. Promise? ”

I don’t know that is Gould promises him or not. Azrail warned me about making deals with spirits but Allen is my friend he won’t harm me so,” I promise! ”

" I want you to have the life force of my next life. You cannot go back on your words otherwise the stone will severely punish you.“, He said.

I have no choice but to grant him this wish but I grant him this wish then it means he will die young.

" I..... ”

The stone shined again and the magical aura had some extra blue flames that were because I now have doubled my life force. The stone itself granted the wish because I promised him. Azrail was right I need to be careful while making deals!

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