Mysterious Roommate

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“Allen, but why?”

“I have one more wish, and now it is more important to find Azrail. ”

Azrail is so lucky to have a friend like him. Without wasting any more time I started to focus my energy.

I picture of Azrail started to pop up in my head. He was walking towards his office and then there was a blackout. He went towards the control room to check the electrical connection and someone hot his head from behind.

“I can see it!!“, I said to Allen.

“Where is he now?”

“He is fine but if we won’t hurry then he won’t last long. His heartbeat is decreasing, so we need to hurry.”

“What? But how?”

I told Allen that we don’t have time to discuss everything and we need to leave now. I know that Azrail can teleport and if both the stones are a pair so if I put more energy on my stone then I think I can teleport to the location of the second stone.

I told Allen my plan but he again warned me that it is too dangerous for me to again put so much energy on my stone. I don’t know much about my stone and I have just started to practice its powers so I need to be careful.

I started to focus my energy to find the second stone so that I can teleport and find the second stone.

It took and few seconds and then I started to feel myself floating in the air and when I opened my eyes Azrail was in front of me lying on the ground, bleeding.

Someone hit his head so he might have fainted on the spot. I suspect that the Hat man has something to do with this matter.

Without wasting any more time, I first need to heal Azrail and then get out of here.

I touched my stone with Azrail’s face so that he can start to heal faster. I again started to concentrate on the stone to teleport to our house.

Taking him back to his office might be dangerous so we should go back home and then I can summon Allen.

I took him back to his room and cleaned his wounds and summoned Allen.

After cleaning Azrail’s wounds, Allen had many questions to ask and so do I but the answers to these questions are with Azrail.

“What did you see when you went to save Azrail?”

" It looked like a basement or something but it was so dark so I cannot see properly. The light of the stone was limited and enough to find Azrail.”

It felt strange, I feel like it is a trap.

“It was a trap!” Allen was not so surprised after hearing it.

“Even I feel it was a trap because if someone wants to hurt Azrail then that person will expose him in sunlight and not make him hostage in a basement.”

He is right, someone is not only targeting Azrail but also me. I guess it is someone who knows about the stones.

" You said, you and he used to go to the same college but how did he manage the sunlight? ” suddenly this question pops up in my mind.

“Oh! At that time he used to wear a hat, gloves, and black color jacket.”

“This attire looks familiar to me... Isn’t it...”

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