Mysterious Roommate

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The look that Allen explained to me of Azrail that he used to wear during his college days was the same attire that the Hat Man looks like.

So it means that the Hat Man is also a victim?

it is just a guess. I cannot say anything for now because if I am wrong then we may get into bigger trouble.

“I guess his condition is the same as Azrail!“, Allen exclaimed.

He thinks the same way! It means I am not wrong but how does it know about the stones? Maybe someone from work or someone who saw Azrail use his powers?

“I guess he won’t have enough guts to work near Azrail and after seeing his abilities, we are dealing with something way more powerful than we think it is. ” I told Allen my thoughts but was unsure of my analysis.

Since my childhood, everyone near me feared me and ran away from me. Even my relatives were afraid of me. I don’t remember my parents’ faces anymore neither I have a photo of them but after meeting Azrail I again have a family and I don’t want to lose any more people.

“I guess you are right Kara!” Allen exclaimed and continued ” If that man wanted to hurt you and Azrail then he will attack you on weak spots. Although I think that your weak spot is already lying unconscious but...... Azrail’s weak spot is still sunlight.” He never let any chance slip away from his hands.

" Enough with your teasing, let’s concentrate. If he is also a victim of VBT-010 then he must have murdered many people till now ’cause he doesn’t use the power from stone if he does not work at the café. Allen your job is to look into the police reports and find cases in which the reason for death is lack of blood or anything related to blood and the criminal is yet to be caught.”

I ordered Allen to look for files but as soon as he heard my order he sat like a baby on the table near us in the dining room.

“But I don’t want to leave Azrail! I want to stay with him!” He started whining like a baby.

“Hey don’t act like a baby in front of me. I am good at dealing with them and this work can only be done by you because they cannot see you and you can access the prohibited areas. I will stay with Azrail, if anything happens I will summon you on the spot; without a second thought.”

Allen is really like a baby. I and Azrail always have to stop him or control him to not do anything stupid but he is also a great friend. When I needed energy he gave up his next life energy only for us. I wish that I can have a friend like him in my next life when I and Azrail can live a normal

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