Mysterious Roommate

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Chapter 1

My name is Kara Martin and I always wanted to become a singer. When I was eight years old my parents died in a car accident. I woke up from coma after two years of accident which seemed like a miracle to the doctors. But it was a punishment for me, given by God. Now I was all alone in this cruel world with an unknown curse. I only know that this curse hurts most to the people around me, whenever I am sad it is triggered and hurt them. Since I woke up, I keep hearing a strange voice in my head saying, ′... break... dead... free’. But the sentence was always incomplete.

When I turned eighteen I started to experience things different from usual. I always felt like someone is watching me and whosoever is following me is not alive. After some time I realized, I can see spirits of dead people and animals. A spirit of puppy always followed me, so I made it my pet and named it Eleven.

Now I am twenty-one and I work as a songwriter. Because of my curse, I cannot sing in public or concerts but I can write songs and sell them. The curse is becoming stronger, so I have to find a house where there are fewer people.

I looked up online and found a perfect area but the only problem is, they only sell to people who are willing to have a roommate. My search returned to nothing until I found a comment asking for a roommate. The only condition was ‘not to interact with him ’, exactly the type of roommate I want. I replied to his comment saying that my condition is the same as him.

In two weeks, I moved into the new area with a mysterious man about whom, I don’t know anything. But I know that I will be safe because now I can control and move the effect of the curse in one direction.

The house had two floors, the lower floor was a living room and dining room with a kitchen and the upper floor had two rooms opposite to each other. He moved a week earlier than me. That was the first time I saw him from the side.

He was wearing pitch-black color clothes, he had a tall and slim body. He had a sharp nose and pale skin. His skin tone looked paler than average skin tone. His hair was red and had green color eyes. The more I think about his hair and eye color it seemed natural. Looking from the side he looked like an anime character walking upstairs silently in his room. He always used to leave notes hanging on the fridge while going out. I found most of the notes at night while cooking dinner. Now it has been a month and time that I started to find him weird.

The things were kind of strange from the start. When I was at home he was either in his room or was not at home. The air conditioner was always at twenty degrees Celsius(even in cold weather). The low temperature did not bother me as the curse made my body warm. The curse was also ineffective on him. The curtains were always drawn and he was not bothered by the spirits always knocking at his door. He didn’t even mention his name in the comment. Eleven always used to bark at his door but was never able to enter his room even if he is dead. Sometimes at night, I used to hear strange voices from his room when he was not at home, but I did not dare to enter his room.

Living with him, made my curse trigger many times without any reason. But it never injured people living upstairs or downstairs, not even our neighbor especially him.

So, one day I decided to enter his room and see what is he up to.

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