Mysterious Roommate

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When I was discussing with Allen, Azrail came out of his room grunting in pain(Shirtless).

“Kara, what did you wanted to do?” Allen whispered.

“It is not the time to discuss it, first let me help him!”

I rushed towards Azrail and made him again touch my stone. After a few minutes, the wound no longer hurt but it was also not completely healed.

I escorted him back into his room and covered him with a thick blanket.

I silently walked out of the room and closed the door after making sure that he was in deep sleep. now our main priority is to track down that Hat Man, so for some days I will go manage the café and make sure to catch him this time with my powers, I explained my plan to Allen.

He did not react and had an expressionless face.

“Allen, What happened why are you not replying?” I asked worriedly.

“It’s nothing. I am thinking that you still don’t know anything about the stone and you have just started your practice. The staff will surely follow your commands because Azrail made you his business partner but what will you tell them when they don’t see Azrail? What if Azrail wakes up and finds out about our plan?”

“Don’t worry! He won’t wake till the time I don’t call out his name three times. This stone is really powerful. It has so many powers which are really beyond my imagination. Anyways you don’t need to worry about me just stay at home and keep an eye on the house and him if something happens go back to his room and tell my name three times in his ears and then you will be able to teleport to his office. As for his staff, I will tell them that he is away on a trip to find new plots to open another café and don’t know when he will come back.”

I assured Allen and went back to my room to freshen up and back some of my belongings to take to the café as I won’t be back at night.

“Kara, be safe and if you are scared you can summon me anytime!”

“Don’t worry! I will surely be safe and I am not scared of that jerk.”

I was scared as hell but if Allen knows it then he will worry more. I don’t want him to worry as he is already worried about Him. Only I am the one who can find him and fight with him because Allen is a spirit and he is injured and doesn’t know anything about that Hat Man.

Even if he wakes up, he will surely risk his own life to save mine and I don’t want that.

I packed my stuff and headed towards the café. While I was in the cab, a shadow repeatedly occurred on the streets.

‘So that jerk is following me! Interesting~!’

I thought to myself and continued to focus on the radio and started to work on a plan to catch this big Salmon fish who claims to be a shark.

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