Mysterious Roommate

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Everyone greeted me when I entered the café.

I called one of the staff members and asked her, “Is everything ready?”

I know that I cannot trust anyone but I trust her because she is the first victim which He found and she is the most loyal to Him.

He used to tell me about her. Her name is Salina but she changed her name to Sara in the hope to live a new life.

He told me that he found her when he was about 18 years old and since then Sara has been following him and has stayed loyal to him. Sara had a twin brother name Sean but he ran away from home when Sara unintentionally killed her parents. He got scared and ran away from her. While Sara was trying to find Sean, He met her and saved her life. She was only 12 when it happened so she was so scared and didn’t know what happened to her. It was He who gave her a place to stay and taught her about the virus and the first one to receive powers from Him.

I gave a call to Sara and she the only one who knows the truth and is helping me manage the café and catch that jerk.

We headed towards the office and placed some lights at the corner.

“Sara, he followed me. We need to keep our eyes open!”

I instructed her while we were setting up the lights.

“Yes, Ma’am.” She reported.

I have told her not to call me Ma’am but she says that she likes it this way and that I have the same powers as Him so she will not address me by my name.

After setting up the lights we decided to host an event for the upcoming spring.

Everyone will were their spring clothes. I am sure the Hat Man will not let this chance slip.

“But Ma’am we cannot hold the event in the daytime and cannot have too many lights,” she told me her concerns regarding the virus. I cannot give them more energy and we need lights.

“Don’t worry we will have a night party and call all our VIP guests and a for the lights we will use neon they won’t hurt you guys.”

We can have spotlights so it won’t hurt the members. Now we need to set a trap!

“Sara I will stay in the office and keep the back door open. I remember that last time it was open so I think that Hat Man knows about the back door. When he is here then you attack him from the back and I will use my stone’s power to make him unconscious but be careful while attacking!” I explained to Sara my plan and wished her good luck.

Finally, it’s time for the big night and the VIP members have already come and now the normal customers are joining. Everyone is wearing their spring-themed clothes and it will be easy for us to spot the Hat Man.

As we planned, I first went on the stage and gave my speech and wished everyone a happy springtime, and then headed towards my office.

As planned it is now midnight and the perfect time for him to attack. The room was filled with nothing but silence. Sara was hiding standing outside the office; guarding and waiting for my signal.

Where are you? I am waiting for you!

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