Mysterious Roommate

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" I don’t want to cause trouble but I want to know about the shiny-thingy around your neck. If it is no...“”Sean doesn’t ask questions so bluntly. You don.....” Sara interrupted him so that he won’t ask any further questions about the stone but I know how it feels like so I interrupted her and said, “It’s fine Sara!“

”But... Fine if you say so!” Sara agreed but she doesn’t want her brother to be a bother but I am okay if it makes him happy.

“What do you want to know?

“I called Sean near me and asked him. He went into his thoughts and was choosing the question most appropriate to ask because he didn’t want Sara to scold him.

“You can ask me anything about it,” I reassured him.

“Why do you have it with you? Did your boyfriend gave it to you?” He was so eager to know about it. Although he is an adult but acts like a child.

“You can think so and it is really important to me.” Even though I cannot reveal everything thing.

“So if I will take it off then...” He didn’t complete his sentence and his hand tried to reach my stone. If it is taken off then I will die but I cannot say so.I stopped his hand and said, “It is my life to me.“”Then it must be really from your boyfriend!” He took back his hand and stepped a step back.I guess now he won’t any questions regarding it.“You still have not answered my question, Kara!“Shh! I will take him back home and will be right back.” Sara said and took Sean’s stuff from the desk and couch and left the office.I heartfelt a bit relieved I don’t know why but I felt that nothing bad is going to happen now; tonight.I started to pack things up to leave for home and check up on Him. As I walked towards the door The light from my stone started to turn red. It was something new and I don’t know what it means. Usually red color indicates danger but He told me that the other stone was of red color which is still inside Him.It started to turn as pure as the color of blood. Now it was not normal. I rushed back home to check if something was up and tried to summon Allen but every time I took his name no one appeared, not even air.This is the first time the cab ride felt so long, The time felt so slow and the speed of the elevator felt like it is at its minimum.I tried to reach home as soon I can and ran towards his room.When I opened the door I saw...

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