Mysterious Roommate

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This feeling, the uneasiness started to grow more dense in me. I tried to call Sara but was able to. I hope that Sean and Sara are not in danger.
I rushed home to check up on him.
When I entered the room I saw that the room was filled with the wandering spirits who didn't knew how they died and were receiving information about them by sucking energy from Him.
Allen was beaten by the ghost. He was killed and is a pure soul so is a weak soul and cannot fight with them. He was also not able to reach His ears so that he can come to me like I instructed but the stone sensed the danger and connected itself to my stone.
I entered the room and shouted, "EVERYONE! STAY BACK! If you want to know about yourself then ask the one who have the right and power. If you will not leave now then I will curse them and will make sure that they go to hell!"
As I said these words my stone started to emit it's light. The light was so bright that could turn a person blind. The light started to fade away and the spirits started to leave the house.
I went near Him and tried to wake him up. I shaked him hard and cried out his name but nothing worked. My stone was still blood red.
The drops of water started to flow from my eyes which now I was not able to control. I whispered in my choked voice, "I-I can't. I can't handle it al-alone. Ple-please wake up!"
Allen came floating to me. I could see some bruises on his face. My eyes were filled tears. I held my stone firmly in my hands and started to cry more. Allen also looked sad and guilty that he was not able to protect him well.
"Kara, I-I am sorry. I was not able to keep my promise. I-I cannot forgive myself, I-I don't know...." He stopped and I thing I know why.
The stone was half yellow and half red. The yellow part was shining it means that the spirit around me has a wish to make.
The only spirit allowed to come hear is Allen!
I remember that last time to find Azrail he gave life energy of his next life and now when Azrail's life energy is dead and stone has transferred itself in me, Allen can do anything to make it right.
I also remember Azrail telling me that Allen can do anything for friendship. As I also know that he gave up his life so that the Hat Man cannot come close to him and hurt him.
"Kara! I have decided something. Promise me that you will grant it to me no matter what and will not ask any further question and argue with me to change my decision....."
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